RECAP: "Crazy Stupid Love"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 4

On last night's episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2, the exes yet again got a little too close for comfort! Picking up from last week, Adam and Brittany are making out at the club and dancing all up on each other, like they're still together! Meanwhile, Jonna and Jay are still trying to make Zach and Jenna jealous, as if they really care. When Zach and Jenna kiss, Jonna and Jay kiss back, as if to get even or something. It's so childish, if you ask me. We also find out that Nany is secretly pining for Johnny Bananas, even though he has a girlfriend! It's way too many emotions going on right now!

The next morning, Adam admits he knows he "opened the floodgates" with Brittany, who he has said before is really clingy. They're cool, but they just can't be that cool. The girls tell Brittany what Adam said, and she gets upset and starts yelling at him. They both need to get their relationship in check before they lose this game!

At the next challenge, T.J. announces the teams will playing "The Brush Off." The goal is to transfer as much paint as you can to a canvas bag. The guys will be standing on a platform, while the girls will jump in a pool of hot pink paint! Once they feel like they have enough paint on you, they will climb up a net to their partner and transfer the paint using their bodies "by any means necessary." The guys will then jump onto the canvas bag trying to cover squares on the bag. The team who covers the most squares in 3 minutes will be the Power Couple! The one to cover the least will be going straight to the Dome.

This game is BEYOND awkward with the exes, but so funny to watch! There's a lot of grabbing, hugging, and touching! In the end, it comes down to Jonna & Zach and Jordan & Sarah for the win. The winning team, that filled in all 12 squares, surprisingly was Zach and Jonna! I was happy for them, because they really need to boost their team morale. The losing team, however, was Knight and Jemmye, who are heading automatically in the Dome.

Back at the house, Zach wants to ask Knight and Jemmye who they might prefer to compete against. Knight stupidly wants to go for Bananas, but Jonna and Zach admit they will choose between one of the two rookie teams. They eventually call over Jenna and Jay, who Zach decides they will probably keep (obviously because of his blossoming relationship with Jenna!). A little later, Jonna brings up the fact that she wants her and Zach to be on the same page. Zach distanced himself because he thought that she still wanted him (which she kind of does, I believe). However, they work things out, and will move forward as friends.

That night, Adam jokingly does a strip show for all the girls after revealing that he filled in as a stripper at a party once. He goes to talk to Jonna, and she's honest that rookies get thrown in regardless of how many times they've been in elimination (she was a prime example). Adam tries to make her feel sorry for him and Brittany, and even brings up the fact that Jenna is hooking up with Zach, basically saying that it might be a good idea to vote in Jay and Jenna to end the relationship they're starting.

Jonna actually considers it, and talks to Zach about it the next day. He gets upset because clearly she's thinking with her emotions, but honestly so is he. If this was any other rookie team, and Zach wasn't hooking up with one of them, they've would've went in. However, they decide to send in Adam and Brittany at deliberation (this will be their THIRD time in a row). When asked why by T.J., Jonna has no idea really, and Zach talks about some statistics. Everyone knows that the real reason is because he wants to keep Jenna around. I need Jonna to really step up and voice her opinion in this partnership, because Zach is walking all over her. He even talks crap about her afterwards, and she overhears it. She manages to hold in her emotions in front of everyone, but cries in the confessional.

That night at the Dome, Adam & Brittany and Knight & Jemmye play "Breaking Up." There's two towers with two levels, with cinder blocks on both levels  .There's also a wrecking ball connected to a rope. The goal is to break the wrecking ball through the cinder blocks on both levels. The first team to do this will win This is definitely taxing on the body and the arms! Adam decides to take a break, once they get through the first level since Knight & Jemmye didn't. What?! Though they should've used that to their advantage, Jemmye & Knight fail to press through for the win and get sent home! I must say, I'm impressed by Adam & Brittany. To be thrown in three tines, and to come back every time, is no easy feat!

That night, Nany gets emotional talking to Johnny Bananas (she was a mess this entire episode honestly). She's not okay being in the house with him, but can't open up to him. I'm over this girl. I need her to get her emotions in check, and remember what she's there for!

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