RECAP: "Love Sick"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II Episode 3

Loving Battle of the Exes II! Picking up from last week, the house goes out to party. CT comes back home to check up on Diem. One of the producers tells CT that Diem was feeling pretty sick, and she's been taken to the hospital. He automatically goes into panic mode, and wants to meet her there, even though he's been drinking. The producers instead let Diem and CT talk on the phone, and she sounds a lot better. Diem comes back to the house, and lays in bed with CT.

The next morning, Diem is sick again, with the house is really worried about her. Production takes her back to the hospital. CT makes her a care package, and everyone signs the box with well wishes. Later, however, TJ announces that Diem's medical issues will keep her from continuing the game, and CT has to go home as well. At this point, CT doesn't even care. He just wants to be with Diem. Diem's words in her last confessional acknowledges the fact that that she is so grateful that CT is always in her corner. She refused to quit, and wanted to live life to the fullest. I found myself tearing up, knowing how it all ends. RIP Diem.

The next day, TJ presents the third challenge of the game, "On Again/Off Again." There's giant 30 foot high zipline over water that will spin the competitors out of control. After they fall into the water, they will swim around a buoy to make it to land and ring the bell. Obviously, the closer you drop to the buoy, the easier it will be. The team with the slowest time goes straight to the Dome, while the team with the fastest time will become the Power Couple. Nany and Bananas, as the last Power Couple, got to pick the order. It's a serious struggle, especially for the girls, to hold on for long, with a lot of them having to swim a pretty long ways. However, in the end, the losing team is Simone and John who will automatically go to the Dome. The winning team taking Power Couple is Jordan and Sarah, which I am happy about because I actually think they make a pretty great team.

Saran and Jordan speak to the top two teams, Nany and Bananas as well as Wes and Theresa. Sarah decides they should play both sides against each other to eventually see both teams go head to head. Right now, they'll play it cool, but the end game is to get rid of at least one of them. Jordan, of course, would love to see Bananas in the Final since they're rivals, but it's not about ego. It's about the money! At deliberation, Sarah and Jordan pick Brittany and Adam to face John and Simone. It's just easy to get rid of the rookies, since they have yet to prove themselves and no one knows or cares about them that much to keep them around, honestly.

At the Dome, TJ announces that no couple will replace CT and Diem, but there will still be an elimination. The game of the night is "He Said, She Said," which is an eating competition where you will bet on how much your partner can eat in 3 minutes. The opposing team member will then up the bet by how much he or she believes their partner can eat. Once someone calls it, the partner has to eat that much food in three minutes. If you finish, you get a point. If you don't, your opponent gets the point. Adam eats 7 brownies, which Brittany bet for him, winning a point for them, but Brittany couldn't finish the 13 Yucca (similar to potato) sticks that Adam bet, giving Simone and John a point. The last item is patacones (fried platain slices), which Simone bets that John can eat. However, he takes his nice sweet time with it, and loses, sending John and Simone home. There was no heart. There was no urgency. Therefore, I wasn't upset to see them go.

Later, Adam and Brittany celebrate their win at the bar, and end up making out! I can only imagine where their relationship is going to go from here!

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