RECAP: "I Will Always Hate You"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II E2

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes is heating up! Picking up from last week's surprising premiere, the house goes out partying Panama style! However, exes are watching each other flirting with other people, and it's rather awkward and annoying. Averey especially gets upset over Johnny's previous hookup with Nany, but I need her to build a bridge and get over it. Zach and Jenna seem to have a thing starting as well, which hurts Jonna.

The next day, T.J. introduces the second challenge, "Rounding The Bases." There's a baseball field, and the goal is to score a home run with your ex (T.J.'s words, not mine *laughs*)! At each base, there is a different task for the competitors. The last three teams at each base will be eliminated from the challenge, while the last place team at the first base will go straight to the Dome.

The first base challenges the teams to be able to suck and blow (eek). There are 12 bamboo lanes, and the teams have to take a card, hold it between their lips, and keep suction between them to keep the card up. You have to get around poles as well, with the card still on someone's lips, and get to the finish line. If you drop the card, you have to start over. It's a rough challenge, with a few accidental kisses, but pretty funny to watch. The very last team to finish was Johnny and Averey, and they will be going right to the Dome.

The next task involves balls and bats. The girls will be on one side of a baseball contraption, and the guys on the other. The girls have to unscrew a bat,  and the guys have to unscrew two baseballs. Another three teams got dropped, including Sarah and Jordan, who were at a slight disadvantage since Jordan only has one full functioning hand. At the third base, each station  has its own lock and combination, and the teams have to use their  to lap up peanut butter to reveal the combination. I like peanut butter and all, but that's crazy and incredibly unhygienic! This task drops another three teams, leaving vets Nany and Bananas, Wes and Theresa, and CT and Diem. Each of them get a 30 foot limpy pole, with one being able to fit snugly into the other. Standing 60 feet away from each other, it's the goal to ram the poles together, popping a cork in one of the poles. The first to finish will win the game. It was close, but Nany and Bananas came out on top, winning Power Couple, and getting to send another team into the Dome.

Back at the house, Nany and Bananas deliberate who they'll pick over dinner. Nany wants to throw in Wes and Theresa, but Bananas feel like it's too big of a risk right now, especially since more than likely Wes and Theresa would come back.. Nany, most times from what I've seen in the past, lets her personal feelings dictate how she acts in the game, You can't let your personal feelings get in the way. Bananas thinks that Nany should talk things through with Theresa. They try to speak to both Wes and Theresa, but Nany gets nowhere with Theresa, who has been talking about Nany behind her back...a lot. Theresa fakes to be concerned about Nany's "promiscuous" ways, but she needs to just mind her own business. Nany is a grown woman and can do what she wants. As shady as Theresa is, I'm surprised people even listen to her

Nany and Bananas do make a decision of who will face Averey and Johnny in the Dome, sending in Tom and Hailey since they're rookies. It's too early to throw in vets, especially seasoned vets like Wes and Theresa, who would probably win. (Side note: The loser of tonight's dome will face Dustin and Jessica in the Battle of the Exiled!)

At the Dome, Averey and Johnny face Tom and Hailey in "Banded Together" Each team starts on one side, tied by a rubber band around a post. You will race together to have both players on the team get to a bar at the other end and hold it for five seconds. It's hard on the body, but it's about digging deep and pushing forward. Inch by inch, Johnny and Averey make it happen, sending Tom and Hailey home (well, really to Exile). It definitely gives Johnny and Averey some much needed momentum. I also found out that Tom and Hailey faced Dustin and Jessica in Battle of the Exiled, and Dustin and Jessica won! No telling what will happen next week, or if/when Dustin and Jessica will be back.

Back at the house, Diem hasn't been feeling well, which makes me so sad, knowing that she's gone now. CT was right by her side in the house, telling her to rest up. He even wants to stay home with her, but she tells him to go out and have fun, which CT knows is really her telling him to give her space. Meanwhile, Nany comes up to Averey to apologize about Johnny. Neither of them know each other, but Averey is not trying to be cool with her because of it, Meanwhile, to "get back at Zach" it seems, Jonna kisses Jay. Bye girl. Zach doesn't care.

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