RECAP: "Nothing Was The Game"-The Game S8, E4

I'm really loving this season of The Game so far! Picking up from last week, after practice, Jason gets in his car and Malik is randomly there in the backseat! He brings a bag for Jason to open and it's filled with money. Malik tries to bribe Jason to get back on the team, but Jason obviously refuses, right  some of the other coaches get in the car.

Meanwhile, Blue and Keira are shooting a commercial, which Keira seems to hate because she considers herself to be a real actress, even though her part in the movie got cut. For some reason, she thinks a commercial is below her. She over acts with her TWO lines, not impressing the director at all. Meanwhile, Blue acts normally, and does very well. The director gives Keira a Snickers, as if to say you're not you when you're hungry!

Later, Tasha strolls over to Chardonnay's with Kyra still crying. She tries to drop her off with Chardonnay, but Chardonnay has a meeting with a divorce lawyer. Tasha is really freaking out, so Chardonnay decides to stay. They try everything to calm Kyra down. They eventually rock her car seat and get her to sleep, or so they thought. When she starts screaming again, they try a puppet show, which doesn't work either. At that moment, Malik comes over, and has a whisper fight with Tasha because of the baby. He complains about Tasha not working to get him back on a team, and fires her, but she, in turn, fires him! I don't know how, but that's their relationship! Right when Chardonnay gets Kyra to sleep, Malik yells goodbye to her on purpose, waking her up and making Tasha furious!

On the set, Blue films the Snickers commercial and does a great job! As they watch the commericial later, Keira realizes her lines get cut, but maybe if she hadn't been acting extra, they wouldn't have been! Blue was trying to be supportive by "getting her the part," though she thought that Snickers called her reps and asked for her. Blue admits to Keira that her priorities have been out of order lately, with her sleeping in and not working on anything. When Blue says that maybe she would shine better in a different position in entertainment, Keira gets upset, as she believes acting is her life. Though Blue feels like all it seems to give her is disappointment, whatever she decides, he'll support.

Later, Kyra is still crying even as Chardonnay and Tasha sing. Taking a break, Chardonnay opens up about the answers that she got from Jason. She knew in her heart that he would always love Kelly, but she felt like if she loved him with all she had, it would've been enough. Now she's thinking how does she love and trust again? As Tasha holds Kyra, she calmly tells Chardonnay that she has to keep trying. Soothed by Tasha's soft tone, Kyra finally calms down. Looks like Tasha got her baby game back! Chardonnay will be all right too, once she gets half of everything Jason's got!

At Phatty's Keira is eating her feelings because of what Blue said. She opens up to Malik, believing that acting isn't for her anymore. Malik tells her that that's bull, and reveals that others didn't believe in him either. Even now, with his injury and failed trials, he won't stop working towards getting back on the field. Using the Reality Distortion Field to convince himself and others of anything, Malik is determined to make it happen! Keira needs to do the same. If acting is her passion, then she needs to be working at it 24/7. She shouldn't give up, but she needs to work harder at it. It's actually one of Malik's smarter moments in the show's history. Gave me a little inspiration myself!

At the end of the episode, Tasha goes over to see Jason, needing a favor. She needs him to put Malik back on the team. Jason refuses, knowing that he would lose credibility as a new coach asking for Malik's reinstatement. Tasha wonders if information on Kelly would change his mind, eventually telling him the truth that Kelly isn't seeing anybody, and opens that door of possibility for him! I love Brittany Daniel, so I'll be happy to see her back. I just wonder how the rest of this season will go with the love triangle between Jason, Kelly, and Chardonnay!

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