RECAP: "The Pittsy Shuffle: Why Pitts Really Dipped"-The Game S8, E3

Last night's episode of The Game was GOOD. Picking up from the two-episode season 8 premiere, Perez Hilton does an expose on what happened at the wedding between Chardonnay and Jason. Tasha laughs as she watches, but Chardonnay is obviously upset at it all. She's not used to being in the spotlight like this, and feels attacked and slandered. Tasha proposes getting her truth out there and then launching her brand, and leaves Kyra with Tee Tee to get everything together.

Meanwhile, Jason, still staying at Malik's, tries to work with Blue on plays to make him better on the field. Malik is obviously bitter, changing the channel on the TV as the two try to work from the screen. Jason then gets a call from his divorce lawyer that Chardonnay gets to stay in the house as long as she wants, and is basically getting a lot from the divorce. He tries to argue it, but come one Jason. You can't destroy your marriage and think that you're going to walk away scot-free! When Keira comes by to take Blue to a Rick Ross concert. Jason, obviously upset at what's going on in his own life, basically tells Blue that he sucks too bad to be having any fun right now. True, but why so harsh Jason?

Later, Chardonnay goes on Perez TV to set the record straight. However, Perez comes back with some hard questions, after Chardonnay admits that Jason wanted to renew their vows AFTER he kissed Kelly. Perez calls Chardonnay out for not even really knowing what happened between Kelly and Jason. It's very dramatic, but still funny!

Meanwhile, at Sabers practice, Jason rides Blue really hard about his performance, but it's really about the divorce. The two eventually go back and forth arguing, with Blue telling Jason that his life is messed up, and that he lost both Chardonnay and Kelly in less than five minutes. Jason tells Blue that Blue is so pressed to go to all these events like a groupie and even calls Keira semi-famous, which gets Blue riled up, calling him out for being a coward. Jason then tells him that he'll still be here to coach "the next hue of Blue" after Blue's gone. However, he knows deep down Blue is right. He's taking his problems out on Blue and that's not right. Blue does need to get it together, though.

Later, Blue is actually focused on his work, but Keira convinces him to go to a party. She jokingly calls him a "groupie," which makes him think about his priorities. Meanwhile, Chardonnay goes over to Malik's to surprisingly talk to Jason. She wants answers. She had his back and really took care of him, and didn't deserve what he did. He admits he was a coward, and that she is a good woman. He will always regret losing her, but she doesn't believe him. Jason is finally honest that it was the kiss between him and Kelly, and her paying off the news guy that wanted to expose his steroid use, that reminded him that she "really knew how to have his back." Jason admits that Chardonnay is not the right woman for him, which is what she needed to hear. That's still crazy to me, though. I actually thought that Chardonnay was a good match for Jason, because she gave him the honest truth that he needed to hear a lot of times. I guess the writers will somehow reconnect him with Kelly, but I'm not feeling it.

By the end of the episode, Blue is on the field nice and early, practicing to get better. Jason walks over to him, and, without words, they both put everything behind them and get ready to work. Meanwhile, Tee Tee drops off Kyra after apparently watching her for the past few days, and the baby starts crying. Tasha has been neglecting her baby, and doesn't know how to settle her. She even calls Malik to watch her, seemingly overwhelmed. I can only imagine what she's going to do from here.

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