RECAP: "The Wedding Night"-The Game Season 8 Premiere

The Game is definitely bringing the drama this season! Picking up last season's explosive finale, Chardonnay charges out of the church after slapping Jason for saying that he's still in love with ex-wife Kelly at their wedding! He tries to chase behind her, but she speeds off in the wedding car. I mean come on, Jason. You can't say you love your ex-wife, and think she's going to stay! I would've LOVED to be at that wedding though, especially for that slap!

As everyone leaves the church, Malik jokes with Tasha on the phone about the slap Chardonnay gave him. He believes this shows that anything could happen at anytime. He wants to move up his trials right now and play football again, even though Yana already told him . Jason walks up to Kelly, who doesn't know what Jason was thinking! Jason still has feelings for Kelly, but Kelly has moved on apparently! She found her a "muy caliente Latino," but had been keeping it a secret. Now Jason destroyed a good woman and relationship for nothing.

Meanwhile, Blue and Keira head to the airport to go to Vegas to get married. These fools are nowhere near ready for marriage if you ask me. They almost didn't even make it on the plane when the captain says they had to pay for the fuel for the jet! Blue doesn't know what he's talking about, and even calls Mark Cuban (who owns it, I guess), and he lets them know that yes, you have to gas up the plane!

Later, we see Pookie come to Tasha's with healthy food and other things to help out with Baby Kyra and Tasha's recovery. At that moment, Chardonnay calls Tasha and cries about Jason. She feels so played! At that moment, Chardonnay's doorbell rings, and all Tasha and viewers hear is a bunch of scuffling! Though it was implied that it was probably Jason, turns out it's Kelly! She just wanted to apologize, and Tasha manages to come over and break them up. Kelly speaks truth, saying that women needs to stop going after each other off of drama that men brought, but Chardonnay doesn't want to hear it. She wants Kelly to admit that she came back to San Diego, but Kelly denies it, telling Chardonnay to not throw away her marriage to Jason. As she leaves, she tells Tasha that there's even hope with her and Pookie. Tasha keeps it real, saying that babies don't save relationships, Pookie hates Tasha. When things are dead, they're dead. Pookie doesn't want Tasha anymore after the Rick Fox incident, and Tasha has come to terms with that.

Later, the captain catches Blue and Keira coming out of the bathroom after having sex. Apparently, it turns out that the flight attendant Marie is a huge fan of Keira and her movie Baggers. Keira reveals that she's going to Miami in the summer to shoot a new Woody Allen movie, which takes Blue by surprise. He clearly thought they had gotten past that, and that Keira was going to stay, but obviously not.

Meanwhile, Malik goes over to Yana's with a beautiful bracelet and massage balls. She doesn't want to accept his apology for getting mad at her like he did. However, Malik just got caught up in wanting to get back in the game. Yana still won't sign the medical release, though, even saying that she loves him so much that she's willing to risk losing him if it means he'll heal properly. Malik gets over it though, and they spend the night together.

At Tasha's, Kelly is around the baby with Pookie. She reveals she's heading out of town, and even lied to Jason about dating someone else just to get away from this drama. Now Tasha has to clean up this whole mess. Pookie later reveals that he changed the baby's last name to his, as he is indeed the father to her child. Now, they have to figure out how they are going to co-parent. Tasha thinks now that there's hope, but there's not. Pookie also announces that he wants to take Kyra to live in Richmond, which Tasha refuses to accept. They get into an argument, and now it's clear that the lawyers will have to get involved in terms of custody agreements.

That night, at Yana's, Malik sneaks out of bed and goes through Yana's things. He finds her credit card and looks at the back, implying that he's going to forge her signature on his medical release forms. I really can't stand Malik sometimes. He's so impatient to get back to his career, that he's going to mess up what seems like one of the best things to ever happen to him because of this!

Meanwhile, Chardonnay plays Emeli Sande's "Clown," and takes a deep look at herself in the mirror, taking off the wedding dress for a bath, but looking so broken. However, the next morning, it's like she had an epiphany. In a real Bernadette from Waiting To Exhale moment, Chardonnay is selling all of Jason's stuff for cheap. Everything else she plans to burn up. However, Tasha brings over a Sunbeam and image consultant Dionne to try to get Chardonnay back on track.

At Malik's house, Tee Tee calls him out for forging Yana's signature, but Malik doesn't want to hear it. Jason is all in his feelings drinking, and Malik gets real with him. He doesn't think that Jason and Chardonnay were never going to have a future, because Jason has never really wanted black women. He feels like Chardonnay bullied him into quitting football and she told him he should confess about his steroid use. Jason feels like the love he has for her overshadows all of that, which it should.

On the plane, the flight attendant Marie and Keira are having a ball, and Blue is upset. Before they even have the chance to take off, Blue confronts Keira about going to Miami for this movie. He tells her that he proposed to her, and wants his wife at home. Keira figures out that he basically proposed to her so she would pass on the movie. However, Keira's not that kind of girl. She wants to follow her dreams, and Blue honestly should support her. They begin arguing and even throw cookies at each other. When one hits the captain, the captain throws them off the plane! No Vegas marriage for them...which is a good thing!

At Chardonnay's, Tasha reveals that Chardonnay needs to be smarter and expand her brand. Dionne and Tasha throw ideas around about how Chardonnay can use this negative situation to help women and make money--books, motivational tours, etc. Maybe a little unrealistic, but it definitely gets Chardonnay thinking.

Back at their apartment, Blue and Keira are ignoring each other, even though they're 10 feet away. Blue texts Keira to break the ice, admitting he doesn't want to be alone. Keira's his family, and he does want to marry her. However, Keira texts that she needs to be able to follow her dreams too. Blue then suggests a compromise--they'll have a normal engagement instead of rushing to get married, and Keira can still go to Miami for her movie and pursue her dream.

The next day before Malik's trials, the owner of the Sabers asks Jason to come back as a special wide receivers consultant for Blue. Blue has never performed consistently, but they built their entire offense and defense around him, which Jason uses to get himself an actual coaching position. Malik comes out for his trials like a only a fool can, making it a huge spectacle with a DJ, dancers, and a stage. Yana shows up and almosts busts his bubble, but she lets him attempt to show off his skills surprisingly. After a few good passes, however Malik's arm starts acting up, and he ends up overthrowing a lot. He's clearly not ready, and, needless to say, everyone ends up passing on him. Yana also leaves him, feeling like he doesn't know how to love anything else but football. I wouldn't blame her. Malik selfishly put her career and reputation at risk. I understand being passionate about what you do, but there's so much more to life. Malik has yet to realize that.

At the end of the episode, Pookie is able to get into Tasha's house even with bodyguard Bibs around. Tasha calls him petty for wanting to take their daughter. He apologizes, but he wants to be around his child. He just wants to share the daughter that he had with her. He clearly loves that little girl, and just wants to be in her life. After hearing him out, Tasha watches as he bonds with Kyra.

Meanwhile, Jason dances at Malik's house, celebrating his new job, while Malik soaks in the hot tub in despair. All of Jason's celebrating comes to a halt when Chardonnay knocks on the door, and delivers divorce papers AND an emotional cruelty lawsuit, wanting to take everything he has to pay for her brand! She even takes his champagne! WHAT?!

I don't know how this season is going to go, but I definitely will be watching! Be sure to check out new episodes of The Game now on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET only on BET! 

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