ALBUM REVIEW: The Perfect EP-Ash

I recently featured music and did an interview with alternative R&B/pop singer Ash! On February 10, 2015, the artist dropped her debut project, The Perfect EP, for listeners! The four-track EP was produced by T Brown, who has worked previously with Janelle Monae (Ash is also a background singer for The Electric Lady!).

Ash’s debut reflects her own feelings on love, and, between the actual music and lyrics, listeners are bound to really connect with the EP! "The Perfect EP, I hope helps change the conversation in music. I think the way I've chosen to write about love will add a cool twist to the dialogue that so many artists are already having. At the very least I hope it compels people to love deeper," Ash said of the project.

Check out my review of The Perfect EP below!

“I feel like the world is ours, long as we are, are together…” The mid-tempo track, “Lost” begins the EP as Ash sings about her life and love. Even though sometimes she feels like she is far from where she is supposed to be, she’s never lost as long as she is with the one she loves. Any risks or costs are worth it to her. Personally, I've been here. When things are going wrong, having people, romantic or otherwise, in your life that can lift you up and be there for you is incredible. No greater feeling.

“I know you don’t want my love…I know you don’t need it, but I love you anyway…” The second song on the project, “Anyway,” is a fun, upbeat dance track that I really loved. Ash sings of wanting to make things work with her love, even though he doesn’t seem to want her. Though it all, she loves him—when he makes her happy and even when they disagree and he pisses her off! That’s true, unconditional love, that is really hard to find!

“No regrets, no apologies…love affair between you and me. I don’t care what nobody thinks cuz all I want is all I can see…”Dear Dream” is a softer ballad where Ash describes her love as being the perfect dream for her. No matter what anyone has to see, he’s all she can see and is all she really needs. It was a very beautiful track that I had on repeat for quite a while.

“You don’t have to be, all these things are extreme…Let’s forget them, and just enjoy the ride…” The EP ends with Ash’s single, “Perfect,” which was featured on The Spotlight earlier this year. The energetic and bubbly track is the perfect way to end the project! The light-hearted song gives the message of finding a love that will do the simple things and Ash states that he’s perfect just the way he is. She doesn't need much. The song was actually a tribute to her father, who recently passed away. It’s a very fun but real track to listen to. When you really love someone, you realize that he or she doesn’t have to be perfect. Their flaws and imperfections don’t matter. The love you have for that person outweighs it all.

The EP is really chill and relaxing to listen to. When I spoke to Ash, she seemed like such a bright, fun, and positive woman, and it definitely shows in this project. Her vocals and the music production shine on their own, but the message of love throughout the EP shines even brighter. As I listened, I realized that this EP doesn't even have to be seen just in terms of romantic love. It's all about love in general. Regardless of what you go through, when you have real love in your life--from your significant other, your family, or your friends--it's truly a beautiful thing. I loved the EP, and will definitely be having it play on rotation on my iPhone!

RATING: ★★★★★ (Five stars)

You can purchase The Perfect EP on iTunes now!

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