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Today, we have Berlin-based singer Fanci! The singer got his start in music fairly early, taking classical piano lessons at the age of 6, and eventually went on to take jazz lessons with Berlin's famed piano player Reggie Moore and guitar lessons with Rudy Stevenson. “Both taught [me] how to improvise on piano and guitar, and so I was able to write songs,” Fanci said.

Fanci grew up in southwest Berlin, where many American military troops were stationed, so he actually always hung out with American kids. “My father was a huge James Brown and Marvin Gaye fan so I was surrounded by funk and soul artists,” he stated. “The German music never excited me.” Inspired by artists like Curtis Mayfield and Prince, some of Fanci’s own music has a funk feel, but he also connects various genres of music between different musical eras. “I often sing with a falsetto voice,” the singer said of his musical style. “In my instrumental arrangements, I like the combination of old analog instruments like a mellotron, which was already used by the Beatles and Genesis in the early 70s or a hammond organ with different drum computer sounds like a linn drum machine or a roland tr-808.”

His own song, “Funky Sexy Cool” mixes George Michael's "Too Funky" and Prince's "Kiss,” though later he and producers Ryan Benyo and Monte Malone added a bass line. The song is really fun and will have you dancing within seconds! It has a retro vibe that definitely stands apart, and I believe could really do well on the charts! Check out a snippet of the awesome track below!

Currently Fanci is working on his first album, cutting down tracks to create the final product. “I wrote about 50 songs and now I'm reproducing the potential best songs,” he said. In addition to putting the final touches on the album, Fanci records with different German bands and artists, playing on the keys.

In terms of what sets him apart from other artists, his sound is definitely very distinctive. “I believe there aren't many artists who mix up the sounds of different decades,” Fanci said. “Nowadays the focus is on fatness and danceable rhythms.” Regarding his future in music, Fanci keeps his ambitions very simple. “I want to retain the freedom of writing songs at my leisure and hopefully with the same team I'm working with now,” he said.

You can check out more from Fanci on his official website and SoundCloud, as well as connect with him on Facebook, and Twitter!

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