RECAP: "Acting Class and Rebound A..."-The Game S8, E6

Quite a few surprises on this episode of The Game! Picking up from last week, it turns out
Chardonnay just called her sorority sister, nobody really mysterious or important. Chardonnay wants to forget Jason and turn up, so her soror plans to throw her a divorce party! Meanwhile, while Malik is getting a haircut, he gets a call from Keira. She's alone since Blue and the rest of the starters are making an appearance at a national fitness club for kids. Keira needs Malik to come with her to her acting class, which he refuses at first, but reluctantly agrees to go to.

Later, Jason goes to see Kelly, acting like he's there to see Brittany, but we all know that's not the case. After Jason gets Kelly to admit that her "boyfriend Enrique" is fake, he admits that he believes he has another chance with her and still loves her. Kelly kicks him out, saying that it's not her fault of what happened between him and Chardonnay. It wasn't totally, but she played a role. That kiss sparked a lot of old feelings!

At the divorce party, Chardonnay is having a ball! She jumps backwards over the broom and cuts across a cake decorated with a huge chain to symbolize her freedom. Though there are a lot of fine guys around, she claims to not be ready to see anyone new though. That is until she meets a British guy who snoops through her fridge. They start laughing and joking, and, though Chardonnay hesitates at first, they have sex!

Meanwhile, at Keira's acting class, she and Malik perform a scene from a film, which has them playing a couple. There is no spark at first, and the acting coach stops them shortly in, trying to get them to connect since the characters are in love. She calls for them to kiss, which they both object to. The coach lets Keira know upfront that, in acting, there are no sexualities, no fiances and no commitments to anything other than what is on that page. Keira and Malik kiss really sensually, which brings out more in their acting! It was a great scene! Afterwards, it's mad awkward between them, though. This isn't the first time I've thought that Keira and Malik would make a good couple, honestly. I think they relate to each other more than Blue and Keira do. We'll see where things go!

At home, Chardonnay loses her ring after the sex with the British dude (either I missed his name or the show never mentioned it). Now, she accuses him of stealing it. Chardonnay eventually tases him, knocking him semi-unconscious. However, her soror finds the ring in cleaning solution, so it was all for nothing.

Later that night, Kelly comes over to see Jason and kicks Malik out of his own house. She says that she really never intended to ruin his marriage. Jason admits it was on him, but asks if she can honestly say she never considered getting back together with him? Kelly remembered the days, and found Jason's personal growth and change attractive. She did wonder how things would've been if he could've been that man with her. Kelly agrees to see where things go, but says they have to take it slow to see if this is what they both really want. She wants a slow, romantic courtship, which Jason agrees to. However, he gets down on one knee as a joke, almost freaking her out! I always knew they would end up back together. Sucks for Chardonnay, but Kelly and Jason were meant to be.

Back at Chardonnay's, Tasha gets Bibs to gets British Guy out and plans to pay him off. Chardonnay says that since Tasha fixed the problem, this makes them even from Tasha essentially abandoning her. However, Tasha tells her that the problem is not fixed, because the problem is Chardonnay herself. Chardonnay is clearly spiraling a bit, and Tasha sees it. Tasha tells Chardonnay that she used to have morals, and now she's a mess. Chardonnay can't just automatically snap back from this, but Chardonnay admits that she is tired of nursing her wounds. Tasha suggests for Chardonnay to get out of San Diego for a while and heal, comforting her as she sobs. I feel for Chardonnay, but I definitely agree. I don't know what that would mean for Brandy and the character, but Chardonnay does need some time outside of this city.

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