RECAP: "People in Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Fish"-Being Mary Jane Season 2 Premiere

Being Mary Jane is back for what looks to be an explosive second season! Picking up from last season, Mary Jane returns home from saying goodbye to David, and is obviously upset. So upset, in fact, that she ends up throwing her fish bowl through her glass window in the living room! I was wondering what the title of this episode was about! Poor Starsky.

Later on, Mary Jane hosts a small dinner with her friends to discuss a book they read (I'm assuming she either got that glass fixed pretty quickly or this is a while later). The group debates blacks and their roles in American history. They disagree on some things, but it's all in good fun, though MJ is getting too drunk for her own good! Her brother Paul, Jr comes over, and after a heated debate over their father and his own job, Mary Jane ends up going off about him and her other brother Patrick, who both still live at home. So drunk, MJ expresses her feelings about Patrick's job as security for movie trailers, and Paul selling drugs. Paul goes for the jugular when he says that now he sees why David doesn't want her and is with "that white chick" Ana, and leaves. That quickly shuts MJ up for a second, but then she turns to Val, who made some analogy comparing her brothers to ducks trying to survive or something like that. Mary Jane says that maybe she should be done with both Val and her husband Chris since they are really David's friends! This woman is really unraveling, and it's quite sad to watch how she's acting...over a guy.
The next morning, Mary Jane is a hot drunk mess. She peed in the bed, and ends up throwing up outside after not being able to make it to the bathroom. She manages to pull it together and get to work, where she and Kara discuss interview ideas. Right when they're getting somewhere, Mary Jane brings up David...AGAIN. I can't deal with her. He's with someone else and the girl is pregnant (though MJ doesn't know that yet at this point), so I need her to let it go. Kara is trying to save her from going down the same road Kara herself went down with her ex, but MJ is not really trying to hear it.

Meanwhile at the Pattersons, Niecy invites a friend over without permission, which gets Mama Helen upset. She goes off on Niecy about how she's tired of all of these grown people living in her house doing nothing. Niecy talks about plans to go to nursing school, but seems perfectly content living off Mary Jane and her grandparents. The little girl makes it seem like she can handle it all on her own, and doesn't need to be there, but she has two kids, and doesn't have a real plan for her life. It seems like she's going to try to move about....but really where is she going to go?!

At work, MJ is stalking David's girlfriend online. She then goes to meet Valerie, and apologizes for her outburst, admitting that she's jealous of Valerie's picture perfect life. Mary Jane even says "I want the life you post on Instagram because that looks awesome."  Valerie tells her that both she and Chris have to work at their lives and marriages, and admits that they had a fight before they came over to MJ's house that night. That's SOCIETY'S problem, honestly. We see the glitz and glamour on people's social pages, and envy them like their lives are perfect, but why? Just because you see a lot of good in someone's life, doesn't mean that they don't have struggles. No one's going to show the bad stuff going on with them online (I should write a post on BrittanyShawnte.com about that!). Then Mary Jane pries for more information about David's girlfriend, and Valerie refuses to talk to her about any of it. Mary Jane is making herself look crazy, and like a fake friend who's only hanging out
with Valerie to keep up with what David has going on! When Valerie states that she thinks Mary Jane is stressed and might need a vacation. MJ gets mad at her for suggesting it, and storms off. However, the way she's acting, it might not be such a bad idea!

That night, Mary Jane looks through old texts from David. She gets a  mysterious call, which turns out to be Niecy with her kids at the bus station. Obviously Niecy tried to run away, but how far can you really get with no job, probably no money, and two kids at the hip?  Surprise, surprise, MJ brings them all over to her house. Niecy vents about Helen, and opens up about her plans for nursing school, which Mary Jane says she'll pay for. That night, Kara calls and suggests MJ freezing her eggs ("the modern day woman's insurance policy") and covering it for the show. Surprisingly, Mary Jane goes for it without hesitation. She then holds Niecy's newborn Isabelle....and accidentally butt dials David! This guy probably thinks she's insane.

The next day, Mary Jane comes over to Val and Chris' house and asks again about David! She claims to need closure, and will sacrifice her pride to get it obviously. Sick of it all, Chris picks up the phone and calls David, and tells him that they both need to talk. It's all so sad and embarrassing. From last season, I had hope that MJ was going to be stronger than this, but now she just looks clingy and crazy! She goes back home, after hearing that Anna is expecting. Niecy's dad Patrick is there trying to convince Niecy to stay at her grandparents with him until he can put some stuff together.

David surprisingly comes over, which I swore for a second was a dream, and Mary Jane bombards him with questions. She asks outright if David is with Ana because he loves her or because of the baby? David implies that it's because of the baby, when he says basically that he wants his baby to have two parents around all the time. Mary Jane feels like he let her believe that it was something wrong with her, that it was her fault that they broke up. MJ herself wanted to have children under the right circumstances, and feels like she's being punished for trying to get her career together first. He grabs her hand, and assures her she's not. They end up kissing and almost going further, until MJ cries and stops it, saying that that was supposed to be their baby. The next morning, MJ wakes up to a note from David that says "I'm sorry." We then see her getting back to work, and hopefully that conversation gave her some kind of peace!

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