RECAP: "Love Hurts"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 6

Can't believe The Challenge: Battle of the Exes is already at the halfway point! Picking up from last week, the house goes out to party per usual. Everyone in the house still can't believe that Nia and Leroy took out Bananas and Nany! Meanwhile, Adam wants to hook up with Averey,  and flirts with her, but Averey has a boyfriend and denies his advances. However, she does get upset that Johnny starts talking to Adam later, the one guy who wants to spend time with her. This girl is borderline mental. Nobody cares Averey. You have a boyfriend. Johnny has a girlfriend. He ain't thinking about you girl!

The next day, Jordan and Sarah talk about how it doesn't matter now who they go against at this point. They work together so well, while a lot of the other teams struggle to come together and get through challenges as a team. I definitely agree. Jordan and Sarah are probably the less combative in the house with each other, and gel very nicely. Probably because they were never really together. They just had a little hookup and kept it moving. A lot of these other couples have history, and deep issues with each other that keeps them for working together.

That day, at the challenge, TJ announces they'll be playing "Don't Forget About Me." The goal is for the girls to look at and memorize a puzzle, and then try to solve it. However, it isn't as easy as it sounds. Each puzzle for the teams is underneath a 300 pound steel door, which the guys have to hold open while the girls try to memorize! When the guys' arms give out on holding the door open, they can't reopen it! Then, the teams have to make their way up this mountain with their puzzle pieces in order for the girls to start working on the puzzle. If teams need to figure out more of the puzzle, they have to come down the mountain and start the process all over again.

It's clear from the get go that is definitely going to take quite a few trips to finish this challenge, which is taxing on everyone. It's hard for the guys to hold the doors, and that walk up the hill is terrible under the beating sun! This is a very hard challenge, and even Jordan and Sarah start to fall apart. At a point in the challenge, Leroy drops his bag of puzzle pieces next to Jay's and picks up the wrong one, which throws EVERYTHING off because Leroy and Nia end up having a piece that Jordan and Sarah are missing to complete their puzzle towards the end. They have to wait for Jay and Jenna to make their way up the mountain towards the end just for that one piece. In the end, though, Wes and Theresa end up winning Power Couple again, which I can't stand. Leroy and Nia take 2nd place, and Jordan and Sarah take 3rd. This challenge gets so bad, that the majority of the teams have to go into sudden death because the sun starts to set. T.J. announces that whoever has the least amount of correct pieces done in a final run will go to the Dome. I honestly thought that, with their bickering and Zach's typical douchebag behavior, that he and Jonna would lose. However, Adam and Brittany end up being the last place team, and will be going to the Dome for the fourth time!

Back the house, Wes and Theresa already know they want to throw in Johnny and Averey, but he thinks they will beat Adam and Brittany. They talk to Averey, and admit to her that she and Johnny will be going in because of Johnny's alliance with Bananas before, and the fact that that he has true friends here, and is a strong competitor. Averey gets emotional about it, and ends up blaming Johnny for it all. At deliberation, Wes and Theresa stick to their word and vote in Johnny and Averey.

That night at the Dome, Adam & Brittany and Johnny & Averey compete in "Stacking Up." There are two piles of crates and two bells hanging 20 feet high. The guys have to stack and climb up these crates to ring the bell, while the girls help to balance them and get the crates up to them. The first team to ring the bell will get to stay in the game. Johnny goes at this slow and steady, using logic to get to the top. Adam and Brittany, however, move quickly and sloppily. Eventually, their tower comes tumbling down. However, at the end of the episode, they manage to rebuild  and catch up to Johnny and Averey! The episode ends on a cliffhanger, with the game being extremely too close to call! I honestly don't really care which team leaves, though. Adam and Brittany are rookies from a show that I didn't even watch, and I just really can't stand Averey. The only reason I'm semi-rooting for her and Johnny is because Johnny seems like a good guy who actually deserves a shot in the final. He just has an overemotional partner who's stuck in the past. We'll see who goes home next week!

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