RECAP: "Love, Sweat, and Tears"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes Episode 5

There was definitely a power move made in this week's episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2! Picking up from last week, the house goes out to party per usual. Johnny talks to Zach about the resentment that Wes has towards him, and it's all definitely going to come to a head soon! He wants Zach to be on his side to take Wes down, though Zach, unbeknownst to Johnny, has his doubts about it. Zach wants to "run his own game," but we all know he isn't the brightest crayon in the box.

The house gets a clue from T.J. about the next challenge: "At tomorrow's challenge, don't let your ex be the one that gets away." At the challenge, T.J. announces they will be playing "Open Arms." There is a giant structure and a zipline with a sled on one side and a heavy bag on the other. The girl will hold on to the bag down the zipline, while the guy rides the sled. The guy can try to jump on the heavy bag with the girl, and get as far down the zipline as they can together, which will get an additional 10 seconds knocked off their time! They will then swim around a buoy to the shore, and ring a bell to end their time. The team with the fastest time will win Power Couple, and the team with the slowest time will go straight to the Dome.

Because Zach and Jonna won the last challenge, they get to decide the order for this one. Johnny tells him upfront that Zach should put Wes and Theresa first, but Zach instead puts them fourth, which gives them time to watch other people. Wes then decides, based on seeing other people miss the jump, to ride the sled as far down as he can. That decision gives them a great time, and Wes and Theresa end up winning Power Couple again. This is bad becaue they plan to make a big move to shake up the competition, and no one is safe, especially Bananas and Nany! Leroy does a terrible jump and swim, so it was safe to say that Leroy and Nia would be the last place team. The top two teams are separated by less than two seconds! Wes and Theresa and Jordan and Sarah. Wes and Theresa wins, and plan to make a big move to shake up the competition.

Bananas gets back to the house, and is so mad at Zach for letting Wes and Theresa go fourth. Zach thinks that Wes wouldn't have jumped regardless, but I don't think that at all. Those who went first tried it to see if it could be done, and I think Wes would've attempted. I don't blame Bananas for being mad, especially since Zach is supposed to be working alongside him.

That night, Wes and Theresa have a dinner to talk about who they're throwing in, and it's clear that they're going for Bananas and Nany. They ask for Zach, and Zach opens up about the fight he had with Bananas, like the dummy he is. He also tells them that Bananas suggested that Zach put them first in the challenge. Wes then decides to try to bring Zach over to his side, which looks like might just work.

At deliberation, Wes and Theresa smugly vote in Bananas and Nany, and Bananas realizes that Zach told Wes about his request. Zach is such a liar when Bananas confronts him, trying to act like other people told Wes. I can respect someone who says outright "I'm looking out for myself at the end of the day," but Zach is trying to play all sides, which, as Bananas pointed out, is stupid. As Bananas pointed out, "when you have an alliance with everyone, you have an alliance with no one."

The next night, at elimination, the teams play "Strung Out." It will be a relay race. Each player will be strung out over a pole with straps connected to them, much like a hog over a fire. The object of the game is to get both players across. The girls will go first, and then the guys. Nany and Nia start out neck and neck, but then Nany's strap gets stuck and sets her back in a major way. Nia is able to end her heat, and Leroy comes out STRONG. The two of them shockingly send Bananas and Nany home (well really to the exile house, but the cast doesn't know that yet!). I hated this elimination so much, because I love Bananas and pretty much root for him every season that he's in it. He's a strong player, and knows how to play the game, but he's not an ass about it like Wes and Theresa are. I can't stand knowing that they're still there, so I'm hoping that Bananas and Nany are able to get back to the house and shock them all!

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