RECAP: "Mary Jane Knows Best"-Being Mary Jane S2, E3

Being Mary Jane is really heating up! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane’s maid finds a bunch of food under Niecy's bed, which shocks MJ. She has a conversation with Niecy about her overeating and being overweight. Mary Jane wants to help her niece, becoming her life coach somewhat. Though Niecy feels a little pressed to lose the weight, she obliges. In the new effort to get Niecy healthy, MJ gives her one of MJ’s own famous post-its to read as an affirmation every morning. She teaches Niecy how to cook vegetables, gets her a water bottle to encourage her to drink more water, and goes walking with her and the kids. Though Niecy struggles with the changes at first, she seems to be adapting.

At work, Mary Jane begins her story on freezing her own eggs, having the camera following her for the entire two week process. She speaks with her gynecologist, Dr. Morris, about the process for her viewers. Though Mary Jane is 38, it is not too late for her, though the sooner the better. Mary Jane has to take hormone shots every morning (which, after the first one, leaves her with a rather noticeable bruise), which could cause nausea and vomiting, she’s told. She should also avoid stress, jacuzzis, drinking a lot of alcohol, and second hand smoke.

Later, at the Patterson house, MJ talks to Mama Helen, who doesn't understand why MJ's doing this story. She calls the entire process desperate basically, but it’s all about keeping your options open, in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t do it, but I don’t blame Mary Jane for doing it herself. She does want kids, though it took her a while to get to that point. Helen also asks about Niecy, who MJ says is having a breakthrough, though Helen doubts that she'll change completely. Mary Jane goes to see Paul, Jr who has been invited to a millionaires’ conference, The Gifting Alliance, after selling enough weed to buy a few shares in a business. Civil rights attorney Sheldon DeWitt, whom Mary Jane has been trying to get an interview with for a while, will be the keynote speaker. She wants to be his plus one, but PJ claims to already be bringing his "business partner." I’m still trying to figure out how he got an invite, though! Shares or not, he definitely ain’t close to being a millionaire!

That night, Lisa asks Mary Jane about the egg freezing and David, while administering MJ’s shot for the day. MJ wants to move on from it all, but Lisa just wants to make sure that MJ is not doing this to try to one up David and his baby on the way. Mad that Lisa would suggest that, Mary Jane ends the conversation by asking Niecy instead to stick her with the shot.

At work the next day, Kara tells Mary Jane to beg Paul, Jr. to get into that conference. She calls him (while he's having sex, no less), and he tells her no again. However, he does say that David might have an extra ticket since he is a business owner himself. She is surprised that PJ still talks to him, but he doesn't want to throw away his friendship with David just because of her drama. That’s completely understandable. Kara tells MJ to keep trying to get in, so Mary Jane swallows her pride and calls David, asking if he has additional tickets. He offers her the plus one, and she will meet him there. Though David clearly would love to continue the conversation, Mary Jane promptly gets off the phone with him.

After he gets off the phone with Mary Jane, we see that David was sitting by Anna the entire time! It turns out that Anna got a call from her ex, too. She reveals to David that she will be leaving for Florence for a fashion collective a day earlier than expected, and that her ex will be there to talk to her. She can't cut him off, and feels like she owes him closure. This leads to a whole conversation between them about the time and energy spent on their exes. It’s very clear to me that, even with the baby, their relationship is not going to last. I don’t see that spark, to be honest.

Meanwhile, Patrick and Paul, Sr. go hit golf balls. Paul asks Patrick about his job, and it turns out Patrick’s boss is lobbying for him to get more overtime. He also has a couple of more months until he can get a new apartment for him, Niecy, and the kids Paul wants to help, and can put in a good word to get him a management position, but Patrick refuses. I understand not wanting people’s help personally. However, you have to be somewhat willing to let your pride go in order to get ahead. I’m not saying lose all of your dignity or look consistently for handouts, but you have to not be ashamed or too prideful to ask for assistance when you need it, or when it could help you advance. It’s hard, but you have to.

Later, MJ is sick from the injections. Niecy gives her another with ease, before MJ gets ready to go to the Alliance. Once she gets there, MJ meets up with, who compliments her beauty. He sent her calla lilies, though her favorites are actually white tulips, but she thanks him anyway. She acts very cold towards him, as if to let him know that this is strictly business. Meanwhile, Kara reveals to their supervisor Gary that the ratings on MJ’s egg freezing segment look good, which is good because the network paid a lot of money for MJ’s medical expenses!

At the Alliance, Sheldon is introduced as the speaker. He speaks on the issue of equality in this country being a commodity, which is actually an interesting concept that would be interesting to hear more about. Sheldon speaks openly about the fact that it's easier to get money, than change the structure of our communities and world. However, he's up for that challenge. Mary Jane is in awe, and goes to meet him afterwards. She's been following his career for years. Though he's never granted an interview, she believes he should use her platform to express his views.

At home, Niecy has a bath and drinks champagne in Mary Jane's bathroom. She goes through MJ's things and finds her sex toys instead of cocoa butter! Niecy also finds a bunch of alcohol, and clearly plans to bring that up with MJ. However, when she sees a security camera watching her, Niecy bolts out quick!

That night, Paul, Sr and Helen talk about Patrick, who is slowly making progress picking up the pieces to his life. However, Paul thinks that Patrick should let people help him. Helen tells him that Patrick wants to do things on his own, even if he doesn't have to. She encourages Paul to be patient with Patrick and to let Patrick show them that he can do it on his own.

Later, Niecy checks out the security camera footage and sees how much MJ is drinking. She also sees MJ playing with her toys (eek!). Meanwhile, David and MJ talk at the Alliance, and she reveals she wants something different out of a relationship, not this complicated mess. Though David manages to pull her in with a kiss, MJ refuses further advances. She tells him that they always do this--have a passionate night together, but then it's over. David continues to play games, and Mary Jane doesn't have time for it anymore. She just wants to feel good about herself, and walks away, telling David to leave her alone. Good for her!

When she gets back home, Mary Jane tries to rest in her room, but it's clear she's having a restless night. She puts her dress and shows back on, and leaves to go see another guy! It's MJ's cutty buddy, who has no name that we know of, but they have some very passionate sex! He tells her she can spend the night, but she wants to go home. The mystery lover says that he has more to give her besides just sex, but MJ doesn't want that. I wish she would try to work things out with this guy, and see where things go, but she'll probably end up still traipsing after David, unfortunately.

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