RECAP: "...Healing"-The Game S8, E7

There was no new episode of The Game last week since The Book Of Negroes was showing on BET (I strongly recommend it!). Picking up from last episode, Jason confides in Malik about his upcoming date with Kelly. Malik try to give Jason some pills in case he has sex with Kelly. At first, Jason refuses to take them. However, when Malik makes him questions about whether or not he is enough for Kelly now, Jason accepts the pills anyway!

Meanwhile, Tasha has a meeting with Blue, congratulating him for his hard work and success on the field. She wants to add him as a client. Blue, however, is looking for a bigger management company, though. He wants big endorsements, and he really doesn't know if she is a good fit for him. However, Tasha feels like no one knows him, or, if they do, they know him as a cornball. Blue feels like Tasha is off her agent game, stating how they only came downstairs to the restaurant from her condo, and that she even brought the baby to the meeting. Where's the effort to really snag him? When Tasha begins to breastfeed Kyra at the table, the owner tells her she can't do that in the restaurant. Blue quickly takes a stand for her, which, of course, someone records!

Later, a girl named Bianca comes over to see Malik, claiming to have "accidentally locked herself out of her room." Malik still has the bet with Keira that he can't refrain from sex, so he brushes her off at first. However, when Bianca drops her robe, that bet is out the window! Malik gives Keira the bag he promised her if he had sex, though he admits he really is trying to change. He doesn't want Yana to be right about the fact that he can't love anyone or anything else besides football, and really wants to commit. He asked Keira how she was to abstain from sex. She reveals a few tips like wearing ugly panties, staying away from certain movies, and giving a little self-love! This is a very sexual conversation, and it gets deeper when Keira admits that once she and this guy wanted to have sex really bad, and she let him watch her masturbate! At that moment, Malik and Keira seem to be feeling some sexual tension, but Blue comes in and breaks up the moment unknowingly!

That night, Jason has a beautiful date planned for Kelly with their song even playing in the background. However, Kelly brings their daughter Brittany and ruins the entire vibe! I guess she wanted to make sure that Jason wasn't going to try anything, but that was terrible. After dinner, Jason kicks Brittany out, with Kelly eventually stating that she didn't feel wooed at the date. I wanted to backhand her! She completely killed the date and Jason's mood by bringing Brittany. She didn't even give Jason a chance to woo her by doing that. No one wants to have a third wheel along for a romantic evening, even if it is their daughter! The two argue, with Kelly eventually storming off.

At Tasha's the next day, Chardonnay comes over with something urgent to tell her. However, Tasha is more worried about Blue's video on Bossip of him standing up for. Tasha also worries that she really has lost it as a top agent, and wants to get back on her A game, completely brushing off Chardonnay.

At Blue and Keira's apartment, Blue is getting a lot of love for his video still. On the phone, he leaves Malik and Keira to watch a movie, which has an intense sex scene. They both get in their feelings and go to self love in separate bathrooms. Malik comes back looking refreshed, and Keira comes back hungry. When Blue gets off the phone, Malik quickly and awkwardly exits. It's clear that these two are starting to feel something for each other, and I really am for it! Like I've said in a previous recap, I think that Malik understands her better.

Later, Jason goes to see Kelly and apologize. He slides the letter that he wrote for her at the Baggers premiere, and she loves it! Kelly lets him in, but challenges him to stay there all night with her and just talk, as she lays in just her bra and panties! Completely unfair, but Jason obliges!

Meanwhile, Tasha goes to see Blue and reveals that she used that video to get him an endorsement deal with the Westin Hotel, proving that she's not lazy and will work hard for him. Blue is impressed, and believes that his cornball image needs to be changed. However, they just need to partner with the right people that go along with who Blue is. Blue agrees to give her a trial run, but it will include 10% for Tasha.

At the end of the episode, sadly, when Tasha goes to see her, Chardonnay announces she will be leaving San Diego for good! She tried to tell Tasha before, but Tasha was too busy worrying her career. Chardonnay signed the divorce papers, dropped the lawsuit, and is only keeping Spadonnay. She feels like she needs a fresh start, and wants to leave everything behind. Tasha sadly understands, and they have an emotional goodbye. Very sad. I'm secretly hoping Chardonnay comes back though. I like Brandy on this show!

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