RECAP: "Sleepless In Atlanta"-Being Mary Jane S2, E4

Another great episode of Being Mary Jane last night ! Picking up from last week, Niecy meets with Trayvion's father Cameron. She's very annoyed by him, since she hasn't heard from him in two years. He wants to change now that he has lost his college scholarship. Eventually, he kind of wears her down, as they joke with each other. After Niecy breaks her diet and eats chicken wings, Cameron states that they can get back on their fitness together. That sparks a whole discussion of how there is no "them" in Niecy's mind. Cameron wants to be involved in his son's life, but Niecy doesn't plan to just let him walk in without being able to trust him, which is understandable. I'm not sure how this is going to work out!

Meanwhile, Mary Jane babysits Trayvion and Isabelle, and talks with Helen over the phone. She asks Helen when she and Niecy will make up, and Helen says when she learns respect. Apparently when Niecy first started living there, she used to help out, but then she got comfortable. That's easy to do when you have everybody, especially Mary Jane, catering to you! Though Mary Jane talks about how Niecy is making positive changes in her life, specifically with her health, but Helen has doubts. While Helen rants on, MJ holds Isabelle with such adoration, that it's clear she really wishes she had a child of her own.

Later, Dante's mother comes to pick Isabelle up to spend some time with her side of the family. Turns out that Dante is staying with his uncle, and he got yet ANOTHER girl pregnant! Isabelle is going to
have two siblings. When will these kids learn?! Dante's mom complains about how people don't do things the right way, and in the right order in terms of getting married and then starting a family. Mary Jane voices her opinion that sometimes things just can't go that way, but Dante's mother doesn't agree.

At work the next day, Kara is shown video from a female focus group from Las Vegas shows that some women don't connect with Mary Jane. Kara gets very irritated because MJ's numbers are steady, though it's pointed out to her that, while the ratings are steady, they aren't rising. The simple formula with any show, whether it's news, sitcoms, or reality shows, is simple: ratings equals advertising equals money.  Their specific goal is to get more viewers in the Latino market specifically (is it me or is Kara struggling with her identity as a Latina especially at work?). Mary Jane's job could very well be at risk. Kara is then told to keep all of this a secret from MJ to not upset her, which I think was unfair to put on her. I realize that Kara is the executive producer, and should be aware of what's going on, but to give her that information and not be upfront with Mary Jane herself about it, was definitely wrong. After the meeting, Gael (Kara's little friend from a few weeks ago) comes to ask her to lunch, which she can't make. However, she does agree to dinner plans for the next night. When MJ walks out to see who this guy is finally, Gael compliments her on her show, and they speak a little bit about immigration reform and the future stories she will do on the subject. Kara herself looks really uncomfortable.

After work that night, Mary Jane walks in on Niecy having sex with Cameron in her bed! Niecy apologizes, but MJ just walks away angry. Even when Cameron leaves, Niecy keeps apologizing, but MJ can't even deal with it. Later, Niecy asks if Mary Jane is going to kick them out, and MJ says no. Niecy promises not to disrespect her house like that again. However, MJ asks her a very real question. Isn't Niecy tired of making promises and apologizing for her constant mistakes? Right when Niecy seems to be getting her life together, she messes up yet again. Mary Jane tells upfront that her life can't revolve around guys, which leads Niecy to angrily bring up the fact that MJ is freezing her eggs and drinking too much. They get into a very heated argument, and MJ tells her off! MJ's definitely on the defense about the drinking, and tells Niecy upfront that Niecy really doesn't do anything besides take care of her kids, and that's not an actual paying job! When Niecy storms off, she calls Paul, Sr., who quickly comes over and gets both of them together. Though they argue back and forth, Paul tells them that neither one of them were raised to act that way. At the end of the night, Paul ends up taking Niecy and Trayvion back to his house, though, before, Mary Jane stresses that she doesn't have a drinking problem.

At work the next day, MJ is exhausted while trying to edit with Lance. He begins to give her a
relaxing foot massage, which was all well and good until Sheldon Dewitt walks in! Embarrassed, Mary Jane quickly has Lance take him to the conference room. Turns out Sheldon popped up surprisingly to get a feel of who Mary Jane really is and what she can offer him with her platform. He's never given interviews, because he'd rather do the work and let other people come to their own conclusions. However, his plan is to get his message out to the masses, and sees Talk Back as a potential opportunity to do so, since MJ's show targets much of the specific audience he is trying to reach. However, MJ refuses to be used like that! As they walk around the studio, they talk more about MJ's reasoning behind freezing her eggs and allowing the cameras to capture her moment. Sheldon also kind of flirts with her, which makes me wonder if maybe just maybe we'll see something happen with them later on down the line!

At the Patterson house, Helen is upset with Paul for bringing Niecy back. Niecy hides away with Trayvion, not wanting to deal with her grandmother. Meanwhile, Kara forgets that she was supposed to have a date with Gael that night. She's late, and almost backs out, but MJ tells her that she's gotta go! When she gets to the restaurant, Gael is rightfully upset that she was late and didn't let him know she was going to be. Since Kara refuses to deal with any more guilt about her work schedule, she ends up storming off upset.

At the end of the episode, MJ talks with Mark about Sheldon, and also admits that she feels lost in her own life. She's honestly glad that she has this job, because it helps to distract her from everything. At her house, she gets a message from Paul telling her that everything is good with Niecy at home, though Helen is still upset. She ends up drinking, though she definitely shouldn't with the hormones! Sheldon gives her a late night phone call to say that he won't do a live interview, but will do a pre-recorded one. Though Mary Jane is not all that impressed by the late night call, it's clear that she's not too upset either! I see something happening with them in the future!

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