RECAP: "That's The Way Love Goes"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 7

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 is winding down, and it's getting even crazier! Picking up from last week's cliffhanger in the Dome, it's neck and neck between Johnny and Adam as they stack their crates to reach that bell! Adam tries to jump to try to ring the bell, and fails, but Johnny is able to make it and rings the bell. Though Adam and Brittany are headed home, they definitely killed it for rookies!

That night, Sarah vents about Jordan's mood since that last challenge. Jordan is also upset that Sarah seems to be stressing him so much. It's crazy, because their partnership was so solid up until that last challenge! Now that we're getting down to the money, everyone is going to struggle to keep it together.

The next day, T.J. announces the teams will be playing "Are You The One?" It's T.J.'s (and my own) personal favorite--trivia! The objective is easy. The teams have to do is answer a series of questions from geography, pop culture, sports, and spelling. Everyone will be wrapped up in a tarp above water, with each team getttng two strikes. The first team to get dropped in the water is headed to the Dome. The last team standing is the Power Couple!

Quickly Johnny misses a question, and then Averey spells "endorphins" wrong, which gets them dropped in the water first. Johnny and Averey are headed to the Dome for the second time in a row! Towards the end, Jordan and Sarah are one of the last couples standing, along with, surprisingly, Jay and Jenna! While up there, Jay tries to make a deal with Jordan, but he refuses since Johnny is in the Dome. Jordan also talks trash, implying that Jay and Jenna won't win anyway. Ridiculously, Jay and Jenna win Power Couple after Jordan incorrectly answers the location of Stonehenge and Sarah misspells "diaphragm." Jordan is pissed because, honestly, Jay and Jenna got really easy questions. Sarah is more positive about it, and plans to try to work the game in their favor.

Back at the house, Sarah tries to talk to Jordan, and he's all in his feelings. Sarah tells him that a lot of apologizing has to be done on his part, and Jordan knows that he needs to. He also knows he needs to say that he wanted to wait on Reilly for his decision of who he wanted to go against, though it's clear that Jay and Jenna would be the obvious choice. However, when Sarah tries to talk about how he's been acting, Jordan gets mad and walks off.

That night, Sarah and Jordan try to get out of the Dome, and Jay and Jenna don't actually want to throw them in. They all make a deal not to vote for each other. Jay then calls over Leroy, and tells him upfront that he's putting them in. Nia comes down, and says that 100% Jordan, Johnny, and Zach (the very people that Jay is scared to upset) will vote them into the Dome in a heartbeat if and when the time comes. Leroy tells them both to sleep on this decision and really think about what they're doing.

At deliberation, Jay and Jenna and decide to still send in Leroy and Nia. The best decision for them in a final is to have Sarah and Jordan have to on their side. I have to kind of agree. Leroy and Nia are a decent team, but they hold no power. They haven't come close to winning any of the challenges, though they have a strong chance of winning against people in the Dome.

At the Dome, T.J. announces they will be playing "Hooking Up." The goal is to hook your opponent either on the hips or back using a rope and carabiner. Once a person is hooked, they will be launched up in the air for all to see. The best two out of three rounds win! It's definitely going to be a physical challenge, and Leroy and Nia both have a little more meat on Johnny and Averey, so this is going to be rough. Leroy manages to hook Johnny when he takes his eye off Leroy for a second. Averey and Nia's round is excruciating to watch (the actual Dome took two hours). They are both tired, but Nia manages to hook Averey sending Johnny and Averey home. Now Leroy and Nia are coming back with a little bit of a vengeance against Jay and Jenna. Leroy himself is really determined to get to the Final!

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