RECAP: "The Saber's Story"-The Game S8, E5

The Game is heating up! Picking up from last week, Jason goes to see Malik at Phatty's, and Malik ignores him at first. However, when Jason offers him a position on the team as third string quarterback, Malik gets excited! To him, it's his way back to glory, and he'll take what he can get!

Meanwhile, the Sunbeams come together at Tasha for their meeting. They give Chardonnay a "Sunburn" package, getting her a Costco card and apartment books since she is getting a divorce from Jason. Chardonnay thanks them and leaves, since she is technically no longer a Sunbeam. After Chardonnay leaves, they get down to business. There is a charity event before the game, but Keira is dedicated herself to acting and decides not to be there. The Sunbeams stress to her that the team comes first to , and tell that to Tasha as well. She's told that she needs to nip Chardonnay's messy divorce drama in the bud for the sake of the team.

Later, at Sabers practice, Blue talks with the team, getting them motivated with bicycles, instead of flashy cars and money. He wants them all to focus on being a better and more cohesive team The day of the geetchi is over. Malik comes in a stupid car, trying to impress everybody, but it doesn't work, as the team leaves him to go workout. Because he's third string now, he has to wait for them to finish! A blow to that ego!

Later, on the toilet sadly, Blue calls Keira in about ditching the charity event. He wants her to get more organized to be able to handle everything like he does. Meanwhile, Malik is reading the paper in the gym as Jason walks by. Malik throws the idea out there that the cohesion of the team is off, and suggests that he gets made captain again. He can be the eyes and ears for Jason on the field and in the locker room. Jason decides to run the idea up the chain, and surprisingly, Malik actually wins the spot!

Meanwhile, Chardonnay finds that Jason has two secret accounts with $12 million total! There's a strong possibility that she can wipe Jason out! Tasha comes over and tells Chardonnay that she should forgive him, and just take a couple of millions and Spadonnay, and be happy with that. Chardonnay, of course, gets pissed off with Tasha even suggesting that. Tasha admits that there will be collateral damage within the entire team, not just with Jason, if Chardonnay goes through with that. Chardonnay really needs Tasha in this moment. However, Tasha is not understanding, and it makes Chardonnay wonder if they were ever really friends. Tasha hesitates, and Chardonnay promptly kicks her out. I feel sorry for Chardonnay, because she really didn't deserve all this.

Later, Keira is late to an audition, and completely jacks it up! Towards the end of the episode, trying to balance everything, like Blue does, seems to be too much for her to handle. She's through with schedules. Keira considers herself an artist, and refuses to be put in a box. She tells Blue that she will help out with the Sunbeam stuff when she can, but plans to chase her dreams wholeheartedly. Blue agrees that they both ought to be able to go for theirs individually.

At practice, Jason tells Malik to act surprised when they announce team captain. However, Coach Sparks decides at the last minute to make Blue captain because of the work that Jason is doing with him! In the locker room, the guys tease Malik about not making captain because of his dead arm. He puts on the captain helmet, and says that he'll be announced captain and they better fall in line! Jason comes in and tries to get him to calm down before the announcement, but it's too late. Blue is announced captain, while Malik stands in shock and disappointment.

That night at Phattys, Malik is clearly pissed, and Jason comes over to apologize. Jason feels like he's trying to prove that he's still useful to the team himself. It's a part of the game, having to deal with getting older and trying to figure out what's next. Malik has a choice in how he wants to go out, but it's entirely up to him. Personally, I think that he should retire, and focus on Phatty's and maybe another position in the sports world.

At the end of the episode, Chardonnay makes a mysterious call and admits being lonely, and wants the person on the other end to see her! I'm not sure what's going on there, but I need to find out!

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