RECAP: "You've Lost That Loving Feeling"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 8

Can’t believe we are so close to the end of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2! Picking up from last week, the game is down to FIVE couples: Leroy & Nia, Jay & Jenna, Wes & Theresa, Zach & Jonna, and Jordan & Sarah.  Back at the house after the Dome, Leroy and Nia are still upset at the fact that Jay and Jenna threw them in. Honestly, I expected both of these teams to be gone way before now, especially Jay and Jenna. However, I think people are just keeping them around because they pose no threat and could be easily beaten when it comes down to it.

The next day, Sarah opens up to a few of the girls about her struggles with Jordan. Theresa suggests writing a letter to him, which she does. It’s so important for them to be on the same page! Sarah and Jordan are a strong team, and could actually win this thing if they work together like they have for the majority of the challenge! After Jordan reads the letter, the pair apologizes to each other and hug it out.

At the next challenge, the teams walk up to see two big trucks on a road. T.J. announces they'll be playing "Speed Dating." The teams will be jumping from one tractor trailer to another while they are moving at 30 mph! At the signal, the girl partner will jump from one truck to the other, which holds a wall that has balls for them to collect inside. The girl will grab two balls at a time, and then the boy partner will jump and get two. They switch until they collect all the balls, or come to the end of the road.There’s a few more twists, though. In addition to the trucks moving, at certain points marked by smoke, the rigs will be separated and the teams will not be able to jump. Also, it’s imperative that the guys must stay on the outside of the girls, or their safety cables will get tangled. The team who collects the most balls will win Power Couple, and the team that collects the least will be headed straight to the Dome!

Once you get past that initial fear of jumping onto a moving truck, it actually looks like a huge adrenaline rush! Most of the teams do very well. Unfortunately, Jordan and Sarah get their ropes crossed, and aren’t able to collect many balls. Jay and Jenna’s ropes get twisted too, but they are able to get theirs untangled and snag a few more balls than Sarah and Jordan. Unfortunately, even though they finally got their team morale back, Sarah and Jordan get last place and have to go to the Dome. Though Zach and Jonna technically had the most balls, they were deducted a ball since Zach jumped early before Jonna made it back on her turn. That means there’s a three-way tie, so it came down to time. Leroy and Nia completed their turn the fastest, so they win Power Couple.

Back at the house, Zach and Jonna try to have a conversation about the challenge and their partnership. Zach admits he messed up today, surprisingly, and that maybe he hasn’t been the best partner. To Jonna, she's not a bad partner, and everything is not always her fault, though Zach always tries to make it that way. When Zach gets rude yet again, Jonna walks away from the conversation. Zach is fine as hell, but he’s a jerk, and he always will be. Jonna’s going to focus on winning, but doesn't want to see him after this. I don’t blame her one bit.

At the Power Couple dinner, Leroy and Nia plan to talk to everyone, and act like they're doing a deal with them all. Then they will surprise everyone with who's going in. Wes, who admits that Zach is his number one, is secretly plotting to get rid of Zach because Zach's strong. He plays Leroy and Nia by saying that if Zach and Jonna were no longer in the picture, the two of them could be connected with Wes and Theresa.

Because Leroy and Nia really have no alliance, they admit to Zach that they’ll be throwing him and Jonna in. Zach, of course, is pissed, but plans on coming back for revenge. At deliberation, Leroy and Nia stick to their word, and send in Jonna and Zach. The next day, the two of them get upset at Jay and Jenna, who they claim should say thank you to them. They claim to be showing these rookies respect, but they need to stop lying. Everyone knows that Jay and Jenna are really scapegoats that they will use in the Dome to win if need be in these next few days before the Final. There’s no respect in that.

At the Dome, T.J. announces that the teams will playing “Hammer It Home.” There are two giant i-beams, and the goal is for each team to hammer the i-beam into the end zone. Zach and Jordan will hit the beams to the halfway mark, and Sarah and Jonna will finish it up. Though Zach has power in his swings, he lacks efficiency, and Jordan, even with one hand, ends up passing him. People always talk about him only having one hand, but he still comes through in a major way! Though Jonna gives it her all to make up for Zach’s slack, Sarah beats her, sending Zach and Jonna home. I'm so happy, because I really do love Sarah and Jordan as a team! Sucks for Jonna, but Zach was irritating me anyway, so I don’t mind them leaving.

Next week, I think the winning team of the Battle of the EX-iled is coming back! I’m about 85% sure it’s going to be Nany and Bananas, and I can’t WAIT to see the look on everybody else’s faces!!!! An amazing twist!

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