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Today, we have singer Amber Sauer! Amber grew up as a military daughter, as her dad was in the Navy and moved around the world. Her parents exposed her to a variety of different cultures and genres of music as she grew up, and, naturally, she was drawn to all things musical. “We finally settled around my 7th grade year of school in Paradise, California, a very small country town about 2 hours north of Sacramento in the mountains,” she said. “It was there, that I believe I really began my journey in the arts.” Amber quickly got involved and excelled in concert, jazz, and marching band in addition to choir. In choir, she studied opera and at home, she listened to artists like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Amber also joined the drama department, and just became enamored by the stage overall. “I knew in high school that there was nothing more that I wanted to do than be on stage,” Amber stated. “I don’t think I was sure at the time, to what full capacity that meant, however. But I knew that I had something to offer the world of entertainment.”

Inspired by Whitney and Mariah, especially as well as gospel singers like The Clark Sisters and hip hop artists like Common, Amber’s sound is focused on R&B, and has such incredible soul and feeling. The singer states that her music comes from her own real life experiences. “When I sing, I pull from pain and joy that I’ve experienced. When I write, I pull from stories and things that I (or someone I’ve known) have been through,” Amber revealed. “I have always had a soulful sound which has been difficult for me to place a starting point on. It’s always been authentically there.”

Amber has experience doing background vocal work for artists like Natalie Cole, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone, and more, which she states was one of the most amazing moments of her life. She was able to learn so much about the business being on the road and performing at shows. “I am beyond grateful to have had some amazing bosses who have been very giving of their knowledge and expertise of the biz,” the singer stated. “It is and will always be some of my most favorite times.” Though she will always appreciate her experience as a background vocalist, Amber knew that the day was coming when it would be time to break out on her own. “I always knew that I was meant for a larger platform,” she admitted. “I believe there is a special purpose placed upon my life that requires being in the front in order to deliver a specific message and I have always received and accepted that.”

Amber credits meeting her executive producer B. Slade with assisting her to begin to take steps toward her solo career. “B and I had a conversation on the phone, where I told him a lot of my experiences in and out of LA with the industry, and in life with personal struggles and such,” the singer stated. “He really HEARD me, and when we got off the phone, it was about an hour later that I received a text from him saying, ‘Check your email.’” B. Slade sent her a rough draft of a song he wrote shortly after hanging up with her, which turned out to be her single, “That’s Ok (Self Talk)!” The two got in the studio and recorded the song the very next day! Check out the inspirational track below!

Currently, Amber is working on her debut project, Vinyla Koke, which has already gotten support from artists like Dave Hollister, Marsha Ambrosius and more! She is working with B. Slade, of course, and a few other great artists that she wants to keep on the low until the album drops. “I can tell you, however, that there is some AMAZING music in store and you will NOT be disappointed,” she declared. Listeners can expect to hear great feel good music on the album, and hopefully will be able to connect to Amber’s honest lyrics and emotions. “Everything that will be coming out of their speakers, will be coming from my heart to theirs so it will be an authentic and genuine music experience,” the singer said. “They can also expect to have fun and turn up a little bit! Anyone that knows me, knows that a turn up is never a bad thing in my world,” she joked. In addition to her music, Amber is also an actress and is working on a few productions for 2015. She also still does a lot of writing and background work for other artists, so she’s definitely on the grind!

In terms of what sets her apart from other artists out now, Amber believes it’s her authenticity in her music that is lacking sometimes overall in the industry. “There is an element of surprise with me, and I love giving people exactly what they are NOT expecting,” she stated. “I want to remind people to think outside of the box that we often put people in.” As far as her future in the entertainment industry, she wants to live a comfortable life doing what she loves. Anything extra will be a blessing in her life. “It would be awesome to be remembered as someone who never gave up on her dreams, no matter how hard it got and always remembered where she came from,” Amber stated. “I would love to leave a mark on the industry that would never be forgotten to better pave the way for others.”

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