In The Spotlight: Sean Kelly

This week, I plan to have quite a few spotlights, so definitely keep reading and supporting these great up and coming stars!  If you are or represent an upcoming artist, designer, producer, etc., please visit our Features/Submissions page for more information to be featured on The Spotlight

Check out California-based singer Sean Kelly! Growing up in Cali, Sean split his time between Venice and Sacramento. His father taught him how to play guitar when he was 10 years old. "He would let me borrow his guitar and I would practice on the beach while my friends were in the water. I'd jam with them too every day." When other people started noticing his talent, he seriously considered pursuing music. "I wanted to either be a musician or magician and I only know two card tricks, so I think I made the right choice," he joked.

The singer grew up listening to reggae, specifically California reggae like band Sublime. "I also grew up on old-school music that my dad and grandfather showed me, like Otis Redding, the Doobie Brothers, and Super Tramp. I like to blend the two," Sean said. Other artists that have inspired him include Jeff Buckley and The Four Seasons. All of these different sounds can be heard in his chill but fun music.

Sean's debut single "Hands In The Sky" came from that feeling of him just wanting to "make a happy California song." With assistance from Lauren Wild, Monte Malone, and Ryan Benyo on production, the single is very calm and cool, and would be the perfect song to vibe out to with your friends on the beach.  Check it out below!

Currently, Sean is putting the finishing touches on a new song, which should be released sometime this month, so be on the look out! This singer's goal for his future in the industry is simple. "I just want as many people to hear my music as possible," Sean said.

You can check out more from Sean on his official website, connect with him on Facebook, and Twitter, and listen to more of his music on SoundCloud!

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