In The Spotlight: Vanessa B

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Right now, we have singer Vanessa B! Hailing from small town Carrollton, KY, Vanessa has been singing since she little. “I always say, ‘I didn't come out of the womb screaming, I came out of the womb singing,’" she joked. Growing up as a shy only child, Vanessa would spend time entertaining herself by singing songs in front of her Barbies and stuffed bears like she was “performing at Madison Square Garden.” Vanessa would also spend summers with her grandmother who had classic vinyl records from artists like John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Billie Holiday, Etta James and more, which gave the singer a great appreciation for blues and jazz.

It was when she watched Whitney Houston perform a medley of songs on the American Music Awards that Vanessa realized singing was something she wanted to seriously pursue. “That next day I found out that my choir teacher's mother gave vocal lessons,” the singer said. “So I contacted her and at first she was hesitant because I was so young but after she heard me sing she wanted to take me under her wing.” Vanessa was trained to sing opera and Broadway music until she graduated high school, and began competing in local talent contests for singing opportunities.

Artists like Whitney, Toni Braxton, Etta James, and Christina Aguilera among others, Vanessa is determined to bring the same passion and heart these singers bring to her own music. Currently the singer has been creating remakes to some of her favorite songs, including the Etta James classic, “At Last,” which she loves. “I feel like I can let myself go in this song and put every emotion into every word.” She has also been creating her own material to release her upcoming Butterfly Stories EP.

Vanessa’s goal is to bring back old school blues and create music that details real life situations that listeners can relate to. In terms of her future in the industry, she would like to be able to go out on tour and open for other artists, have a song featured, and just perform her music for others.

You can listen to more from Vanessa on SoundCloud and ReverbNation, as well as connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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