MUSIC VIDEO: "Guilty"-Sherwinn "Dupes" Brice

I just received a great music video that I just had to share before the night was over! Check out this music video by singer Sherwinn "Dupes" Brice for his latest single "Guilty."

The track, produced by Dupes himself along with Francis "Leebo" De Lima, and accompanied by Zach Popo and Jason Lovence, definitely has an island soul feel that listeners will enjoy! Dupes effortlessly sings this calming love song, opening up about the fact that he is falling in love, and admitting that he will deal with the price that comes with it. The visual itself follows a couple's journey on the beautiful island of St Lucia (!!!) and the events that lead up to a wedding day. However, the seemingly beautiful story doesn't go how you may think!

Check out the video below!

I really like this song, and the visual was perfect! I mean, who couldn't love a video on an island as beautiful as St. Lucia?! I loved the twist in the story line, as well. Kind of pulled at my heartstrings a little, but that's the way love goes sometimes, unfortunately. 

You can learn more about Dupes on his official website, as well as connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

Video Credits: 
Directed by #teamDupes 
Executive Producer - Jano James of Executive Solutions 
Director of Photography: Jammerson Hunte 
Assisted by: Kurt Flermius, Rondel Charlery, Randy Lafontaine, Francis De Lima, Maria Flermius, Amanie Mathurin 

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