RECAP: "Bye Bye, Love"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 11

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 is almost over yall! Picking up from last week and Sarah's HUGE power move, Jordan tries to calm her down, but he honestly wishes that it would've went differently. Sarah, being the nice girl that she is, is so distraught. She did what she had to do though! Turns out that the teams are staying in a hotel for the night in Panama City. When they get settled a bit, Nia goes off on Sarah and Jordan, and even pulls Jordan's pants down and calls him the "f" word (I refuse to tolerate that here even with symbols). It's ridiculous. Johnny goes off on Sarah too, feeling betrayed, as does Nany, but it's all ridiculous. The goal is to WIN MONEY. If she doesn't look out for her and Jordan, who will?!

Later, the teams get a clue from T.J. saying: "I hope you like the suite. I left you something in the minibar. Check it out!" Turns out they all have plane tickets to NORWAY! After an 18-hour plane ride, they get to their cute suite in Norway, where they have dinner and wine. It's clear from the conversation about the Final that Jay and Jenna aren't ready for this...and that's why Sarah and Jordan kept them there. However, Jay is determined to prove that they are not the lame team everyone thinks they are.

The next day, the teams go out and enjoy Norway, and Jordan and Sarah are separated from everyone. That night, they all make fun of Sarah, Nia especially. Jordan sticks up for her, saying that Nia can't talk AT ALL when she quits/doesn't complete challenges all the time. I had to agree with him there. Nia keeps talking about how she and Leroy have won three Domes, but maybe just maybe they wouldn't have even been there if they made any real impact during the actual game. At the end of the day, she and Leroy have to go in, period. Again, Nia calls him the "f" word, and is just being really derogatory towards them both. And apparently "nothing she says is going to turn the gay community against her." Her words.

T.J. comes in later, and tells Nia to get her stuff and come with him. They don't know if it's part of the elimination or not, but after a sign came up about dealing with insults as a part of the LGBT community, I had a feeling that she was gone for good. Meanwhile, the rest of the house goes out where Johnny is acting a bitter, salty jerk, venting about Sarah. He also talks to Leroy about the elimination, and Nia being gone. Leroy finds it very awkward without her there. When she gets drunk with Jenna, Nany wakes up hungover the next morning, and Johnny tells her that they need to keep their head in the game.

T.J. texts everyone later in the day, and tells them that the elimination will happen the next morning. However, Leroy doesn't have his partner still! At the elimination, T.J. announces that Nia crossed the line with Jordan, and she's out of the game. Of course. I didn't feel bad for her at all. This is how she acts. This is how she is. When someone shows you who they are, BELIEVE THEM. Normally, Leroy would be going home too since he doesn't have a teammate, but T.J. reveals that he has another ex that can compete, and it's THERESA. Oh goodness. Yes, Theresa is a strong competitor, but I still don't like her at all, and I'm not happy to see her back. However, it was nice of the crew to still let Leroy compete, especially since he made it that far.

Leroy & Theresa and Bananas & Nany face off in "X-Battle." The goal is simple: get the X-shaped bar away from your opponent. First team to two points will win. In the guys' heat, Johnny quickly gets severe pain in his chest. Though he keeps going hard, Leroy wins the round. In the girls' heat, though. Nany comes out in a rage against Theresa, and is just yanking her around like a doll. Theresa ends up continually fighting dirty, kicking Nany in her face, but Nany keeps fighting. Theresa manages to win, though, sending Bananas and Nany home. At that point, even though they were my go to team from the beginning, I really didn't like how they acted over being sent in. I wasn't too upset at them leaving. I've been watching these Challenges since Battle of the Sexes in 2003, and I've seen Johnny win FIVE out of the 10 challenges he's been on. That's a lot of money. He can let someone else win. Maybe it shouldn't have went down like it did, but, again, Sarah and Jordan played their game. The way Johnny acted (and is still acting based on social media) is stupid and childish. Anyway, they're gone, and I'm rooting for Sarah and Jordan. Afterwards, T.J tells the rest of the competitors that the next time he sees them will be at the final.

Back at the hotel, they get a clue telling them that tomorrow morning will start the Final! The next day, T.J. tells them the legend of trolls in Norway, who made people do tasks to get by at certain checkpoints. The teams will be doing the same, all to make it up Mount Slogan, one of the most difficult mountain climbs in the world! The winners will receive $250,000 to split, while the second place team will receive $70,000, and the third place team gets $30,000. However, you must finish in order to get any money at all. At the end of the episode, the teams begin the first phase of the Final. They will be taking helicopters to get to the Geriagnerjford in the country. They will have to jump out of the helicopter, swim to a kayak, and paddle 10 miles. Jordan and Sarah pick the order for the teams to go since they were Power Couple last, picking themselves to go first, Jay & Jenna second, and Leroy & Theresa last. We then see the helicopters take off, and the race is on! I'm so excited to see this Final!

Be sure to check out the SEASON FINALE of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 next Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV! 

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