RECAP: "Let's Go Crazy"-Being Mary Jane S2, E7

Recaps on Being Mary Jane and The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 are a little late, but I still wanted to be sure I got them up. I have a lot to say as always! Picking up from last week's episode of BMJ, Mary Jane wakes up after having sex with David...and decides to clean house. Literally. David hears her vacuuming and heads out to the living room, where Mary Jane reveals she prayed for forgiveness for her selfish decision to sleep with him. She also made a deal with God that if she is actually pregnant, she will figure out how they (her, David, Anna, and the babies!) will all live together in peace. If she's not, their relationship is over. Which is absolutely crazy, but this MJ we're talking about so, of course, she would make a decision like this. David asks her if it's revenge, but to her, it's not. She's been rebounding and making crazy decisions over him, and feels like she needs to move on with or without him. This pisses David off, because now he has to wait on a decision from her about their relationship status based on a pregnancy test.

Before work, MJ plays music and pulls out all her alcohol, cleaning house! She also takes a pregnancy test, but is not pregnant...at least for this test. At work, Mary Jane talks to Dr. Joy on air about the One Year Rule, waiting for a year before dating again after a break up or loss of spouse. Dr. Joy also discusses the Johari Window, which interests Mary Jane. It takes a person through four quadrants of looking at who he is and who he'd like to be. The first window is the open area, what others know about you. The second is the blind area, which are things that people say about us that we refuse to accept. The third is the hidden area, which are things that we are unwilling to share with others. The fourth is the unknown area, things unknown to you and others. Mary Jane is going to do this herself, and definitely needs to!

Meanwhile, David vents to Valerie's husband Chris about Mary Jane, and begins to complain about black women in general. However, Chris is upfront with him, telling him that this issue isn't Mary Jane being black. Both she and David are to blame for the childish games they play with each other, even before the news of the baby. David admits that he wasn't the best communicator but he didn't lie to her once. Yet and still, if he loved Mary Jane as much as he claimed, he should've done better. They both should've done better. They're too old for this.

That night, MJ takes another pregnancy test, but is still not pregnant (I guess the hormones were
supposed to work very quickly?). Later, she goes over to see Niecy, who is very sarcastic with her because of their fight. MJ looks at Niecy's outfit, and tells Niecy that she should go out like that. Granted it is a tight leopard outfit, so that was warrented, but Niecy is not trying to hear anything Mary Jane says anymore. Surprisingly, Niecy stays calm, but tells her aunt upfront that she feels free from dealing with MJ's constant judgement and doesn't care what MJ thinks anymore. Again, Mary Jane apologizes before leaving and tries to do better.

At work the next day, Kara and MJ have a meeting with some of the writing staff, with Kara wanting to  hear new, creative pitches. After hearing some ideas, however, Mary Jane walks out in the middle of the meeting and goes back to her office. When Kara walks in wondering what the world happened, Mary Jane feels like they do what everyone else does, and Talk Back always was supposed to be different. She feels like she never got what she wanted for the show, and is still upset about the egg freezing story and the focus group. If this is indeed the end for Mary Jane and her show, she wants to go down on her own terms. She was wrong to walk out out the meeting, but she wants the "Talk Back" segment of her show to focus on black stories that don't get heard. I actually hope she is able to, but will she be able to convince her boss and the network?

After talking with Kara, MJ calls Nichelle, who she had a big fight with some weeks before, but gets ignored. She leaves a message hoping to leave things behind them and talk business as well. She wants to better brand herself, and hopefully get a plan together, believing that Nichelle can assist since that's her niche. However, I'm really thinking that Nichelle won't be doing this. However, later, Mary Jane works through her own Johari Window some more, and leaves Nichelle another voicemail, wanting to offer "the truth." She led Nichelle to believe the job was her, but MJ admits to looking at other people as well for the jobs. She also states that they're not really friends, and that there is no loss on either side with the end of their relationship. Though I personally would've been a little pissed to get voicemails like that, I respect Mary Jane for finally being honest with Nichelle and herself.

At work, Mary Jane and Kara talk with Greg about MJ's new idea, which Greg calls "Talk Black." He senses a problem with her, which is true, but Mary Jane plays it cool. She calmly states that she wants to take more control over the show, which Greg plans to take this up to upper management. MJ says firmly that she has the last word on her segment. Kara tries to spin this nicely with stats about the great black stories they've done in the past, but Greg is obviously hesistant, just stating that everything, including contracts, will be reviewed soon.

Later in the day, Valerie comes over to see Mary Jane. She's worried about MJ's whole plan to get
pregnant by David, but Mary Jane reveals she's not pregnant. She's also not fine, but she will be. MJ has made a list of all the relationships she needs to repair, trying to clean up her life. She also claims to be done with David, but hasn't told him she's not pregnant, which Valerie scolds her for. MJ then just texts him that she's not pregnant to "close the door" between them. Valerie sees that as foul, but Mary Jane doesn't want to fight with him or "process" something that's clearly not going to work out anyway. She is hurt and angry, but refuses to cry about it. In fact, she's run out of tears.

At the time of the text, PJ and David are going over details about the retirement community again. David sees the text, and reveals he has to pull out of the deal. He doesn't want to back out because of any issues with the actual project, but because of Mary Jane, which pisses off PJ. He goes off on him for being a constant flip flopper in Mary Jane's life too, prompting David to kick him out.

That night, MJ takes out her weave to prep for a new one, but her hair stylist forgot to call and cancel their appointment because of a car accident. Mary Jane panics, and quickly calls Niecy to fix her head! Niecy calls her mean while she does her hair, but Mary Jane sees everything she's said and done with her niece as trying to push Niecy to her fullest potential out of love. Niecy, still hurt, wants MJ to trust her to make the right decisions for her life. Niecy looked up to her aunt so much, but their relationship has been damaged now. MJ opens up to her about the fact that she was terrified of going to work without her weave out of fear of being accepted. She tells Niecy that she's human regardless of the pedestal Niecy put her on. The two of them share wine, and Niecy admits that she's worried about Mary Jane. Mary Jane honestly is worried about herself, too.

After getting her hair done, Mary Jane gets a voicemail from David, who thought things were going to be different this time, but obviously not. He talks about how he figured out her thought process that if  if she hurt him or pushed him away enough, he wouldn't come back. That mission has been accomplished. At the end of the episode, David also tells Anna the truth about what happened, though there's no telling how that will end. Meanwhile, Mary Jane dances wildly as if she's free. Hopefully this really is a fresh start with her. I still personally think that she should be dating Sheldon!

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