RECAP: "Lovers In The Dark"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 10

Last night's episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 was TOO GOOD! Picking up from last week, Nany and Nia continue to go back and forth and it's absolutely ridiculous. I can't stand that Nia gets so emotional over this game. I understand being an athlete, and wanting the strongest competitors at the end, but get it over Nia! At the end of the day, Jordan and Sarah are playing THEIR game. Nia needs to get herself under control. Truth be told, Sarah is one of the few rational people in this house, and I'm proud of her for finally looking out for herself. She's finally being logical in this game, and making all the right moves!

Wes and Theresa feel like they can beat Nia and Leroy, though they don't like the fact that they will have to face them. Obviously, they still want to win, and come back to freak Johnny out! Meanwhile, Leroy tells Nia to use her frustration to kill it in the Dome.

At the Dome that night, the teams play "Hall Brawl," which is VERY physical! The objective is to basically run through your opponent in a tight hallway to get to the other side to ring a bell. It will be a relay race, with the guys going first and then the girls right after. The first team to win two rounds will win the Dome! Though Nia and Leroy are definitely stronger, if Wes and Theresa play smart, they might be able to win. That first round was terrible for them, though! After getting pummeled by Leroy, Wes' neck and head hurts and he is unstable. I felt bad, but then again, I don't.  In the second round, Wes' entire body is killing him, but he hopes to do a different strategy to try to win. However, he basically falls to the ground, which allows Leroy to get past him quickly. As the girls fight to get to that bell, Theresa tries to hold and drag Nia, but Nia still manages to get to the bell first, sending Wes and Theresa home! I was too happy! Yes, they know how to play the game, but this is karma for how they are as conniving, rude and fake people. I don't feel bad at all.

Back at the house, Nia and Leroy feel great about the win, but Nia is irritated that everyone wants the easy way out to win. Leroy tries to explain things to her about self-preservation, but it seems to go right over her head. At that moment, the house gets a clue to pack their bags and head to the last challenge in Panama City before the Final! Nia finally sucks it up and apologizes to Sarah, Nany, and even Jordan. Again, he explains to her again that this is a game, and he takes her apology for face value, always knowing to expect this from her.

That night, for the first time in Challenge history, the competitors have an actual nighttime challenge! T.J. announces that the teams will play "Don't Let Me Down." The objective is to use five different ropes to scale down a building. They have to transfer ropes all the way down and work together to make it. At the end of the fifth rope, there is a bell. Whichever team makes it the farthest, the fastest, will win Power Couple, which is crucial now. The Power Couple for the night will earn their spot in the Final, no question!  T.J. also announces that even if a player falls, the other team member can keep going. The teams actually don't get to watch each other's turns though, unfortunately.

I have to say that this is probably the toughest and scariest challenge they've had, at least to me. It's bad enough that you're scaling a building above a popular highway, but it's also pitch black outside! The majority of the teams falls at the third rope, while Nia herself falls on the second, but Leroy keeps going and is actually the only team member to make it to the end. Yet and still, Leroy and Nia end up losing because they didn't make it as far as a team, and will go to the Dome! Sarah and Jordan end up winning Power Couple at this very crucial moment in the game, and will be going to the Final! T.J. tells them, though, that they have to make a decision right there about who will face them. Bananas and Nany are confident that they aren't going in, because of their alliance, BUT Sarah makes the HUGE move to vote in Bananas and Nany!!!!! The episode ends with Bananas and everyone else in disbelief!

It annoyed me that Bananas saw this as some huge betrayal for a few reasons. One, I've been watching him for YEARS on these challenges, and I know he would've done the same thing if it had came down to it. Two, earlier on in the episode, he himself said that this is a game, and that every team should look out for themselves. He admitted that no one would want to face tougher teams if they had a choice. Well Bananas, Sarah had a choice, and she made the right one! It made no sense to throw Jay and Jenna in, because they're clearly the weakest team there and it will be the shock of the century if they actually win. Sarah made a great move, and I was very proud of her! She's always been the nice one, and still is, but now she's playing the game! Can't be mad at her for that. We shall see what happens in this last elimination next week!

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