RECAP: "No Eggspectations"-Being Mary Jane S2, E5

Last night's episode of Being Mary Jane was very emotional to watch! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane takes the cameras with her as she is at the end of her hormone regimen, The doctor does a sonogram for her, and admits that he does not see what he is hoping at this stage for her. He tells her she should try again the process. On live TV. Though she manages to keep it together on air, when they go to break, MJ freaks out, wondering what went wrong! The doctor tells her that her eggs aren't in the ideal condition, and advises her to maybe do a stronger dosage of hormones. Kara tries to give her a pep talk to close the show gracefully, and MJ manages to pull herself together, but goes off on Kara afterwards for letting her do this. However, it's partly on Mary Jane herself for making this decision. I think she was fine with it before, but now is upset that things didn't pan out the way she thought they would.  Kara tries to talk her down, stating that people will be compassionate towards her and those who are going through the same thing, but Mary Jane is clearly too upset to calm down.

Meanwhile, Helen talks to Lisa on the phone, which watching the segment. She's still very upset that, one, Mary Jane waited this long to consider having kids, and two, that she's documenting the entire thing. It's none of her business though! Helen also feels like maybe it's because of her lupus that MJ can't have kids, and Paul, Sr. gets irritated that Helen made the entire situation about her instead of worrying about MJ.

Later, Mary Jane gets several voicemails from everyone wanting to check in on her, but she's clearly emotionally drained. She keeps drinking, which, honestly, could be a reason why things are going wrong. I don't know. I'm not a egg freezing expert, but if a doctor tells you not to do something with procedures like this, you probably should listen! Mary Jane finds Lisa in her backyard, who proceeds to run her mouth saying that maybe this is a blessing in disguise for Mary Jane and that she may be unprepared for a baby right now with her career. She's concerned about some of Mary Jane's choices, and MJ automatically goes on the defense. Lisa's not technically wrong, but her delivery most times is, which is why she irritates me. Yes, you want friends who will tell you the truth and keep it real with you. However, sometimes, you just need them to be there for support, and I feel like Lisa rarely is. Maybe that's just me. Turns out there is an underlying issue between the two of them, which could be why Lisa seems so bitter a lot. Apparently, Lisa had feelings for David back in the day (and seems to still have them), but never expressed that to him. He thought they were just friends, and MJ went out with him instead. Their argument goes into that as well, with Lisa eventually storming away.

The next morning, David comes over and brings Mary Jane white tulips, wanting to check on her. He's worried about her, and wants her to know that he's there for her if she ever needs him. He grabs her hand before she can walk away, and tells her that their "friendship" doesn't need to be complicated, in spite of everything else going on with him. In my opinion, he just consistently makes things worse. MJ has feelings for him still, and is working on getting over him. Every time he comes around, he kicks her down a few pegs. He needs to figure out if he wants to be with his baby's mother or not, but leave Mary Jane alone for now, at least until he comes to some concrete decision about his feelings.

Meanwhile, Cameron struggles with Trayvion, who doesn't obey Cameron because he doesn't know him. Niecy tells him to back off with the discipline, which results in an argument. Niecy kicks him out, as Helen watches. Helen correctly tells Niecy that Niecy has to do what's best for her kids regardless of how she feels. At the same time, Paul, Jr pitches a high-end retirement community, having invested in land with his weed money. Go figure. However, he will need another investor with $3-5 million in capital before he will be taken seriously.

A while later, Cameron comes back over and plays hide and seek with Trayvion, which pisses Niecy off. Apparently, Helen asked him to come back, and Niecy tells him to leave again. Helen pulls her to the side and lets Niecy know again that this is not about her. Though Niecy is mad about Cameron not being in his son's life like he should, she's really mad at herself for not doing better. Helen herself knows that Niecy can do better, and wants her to prove her right. Regardless of how she feels, Niecy has to allow Cameron be a dad now. It's the most honest conversation the two of them have ever had, and we see both of them get out of their spiteful feelings towards each other.

At the office, MJ signs off on the night's show, and opens up to the audience about her last segment. She thanks them for the flood of support that she's received, though it's clear she's still emotional about this whole thing. She talks with Mark, who opens up too about the fact that he considered adopting with his ex. Mary Jane gets all emotional again, and Mark is there to comfort her. If he wasn't gay, I would want them to be together. Meanwhile, Paul, Jr. talks to his father about the project and finding the investor he needs. Paul, Sr. advises him not to let his friend get a stake in his company just because of his wealth. Paul, Sr. suggests maybe David, who may just invest to impress Mary Jane.

That night, Lisa and Helen relax in Helen's room watching TV, and they talk about how Mary Jane isn't speaking with either one of them. They seem to have a closer relationship than MJ and Helen do, honestly. David comes by to see PJ, and passes by Lisa as she leaves. He asks about MJ, and not her, which upsets Lisa more. After she leaves. PJ pitches the business venture to David, but David states that he will need a good stake in the business in order to invest. Meanwhile, Mary Jane and Kara meets with other staff to figure out how to spin the egg freezing story or prep a conclusion if Mary Jane doesn't want to continue. Mary Jane just tells her that she'll let them know and walks away.

Later, Paul, Sr goes to see MJ with some food. He gives her an update on the family, and she opens up to him about the segment. It scares her that maybe she can't have babies at all. However, he's not convinced she really wants them. Paul knows that she's always went after what she wanted and got it, but MJ doesn't feel like it's all in her control, which it's not. Paul tells her that she should go after what makes her happy, and that she should go after David even if things aren't perfect. Stop chasing dreams you don't really want. Mary Jane calls Kara later and tells her that she's going to end the segment, but has ideas for Friday's show.

At the end of the episode, Mary Jane looks at her stomach in the mirror, and pokes it out to imagine herself being pregnant She decides to take the chance to continue the process, but without the cameras. I don't blame her. I could tell that she really does want a family, though I don't know if she will be ready to sacrifice what is necessary to raise a child. We shall see what happens.

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