RECAP: "One Is The Loneliest Number"-Being Mary Jane S2, E8

If you haven't been watching Being Mary Jane, you are missing out! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane gets a call from Sheldon as she makes dinner. He called to talk about their future. They talk about a lot of random things, but actually seem to be getting along well. All the while Mary Jane is making a list of pros and cons, which is pretty even. For one topic of conversation, Sheldon audaciously asks her if she's barren, which puts a crazy halt on the conversation. However, he compliments her on being brave enough to put her story out there like that. She feels stupid, but that's the last thing that he thinks she is. They literally talk half the night about any and everything. Sheldon is intrigued by her because she's bold enough to challenge him, which no one ever really does. He asks her to dinner, which she agrees to. They finally hang up, both happy.

The next day, before MJ leaves for work, she goes over to see Mark. He is a complete mess, revealing that Eric's gone for good. He hoped that they would work things out, but Eric left a message saying that he met someone else and is moving to London (very random!). They also are raising the other guy's kid together. It may not even be true, but it hurts Mark regardless, and has him thinking that Eric may have cheated on him. I think he's more so mourning of what could've been in terms of a stable relationship. Mary Jane manages to comfort him, and get him up to get ready for work.

Meanwhile, Patrick goes to see his other daughter Daysha, who apparently was left home by herself all night. Her mother Tracy is nowhere to be found, and this isn't the first time it's happened. When Patrick's car breaks down, he calls Mary Jane for her AAA service. He also asks for the number to a private investigator to find out what happened to Tracy. MJ warns him that it will be expensive, but he plans to take care of it regardless.

At work,  Kara gets a text in the production booth from John who wants more money for their sons. He can't afford to come out of pocket any more for their private school. She tells them that maybe their sons should go to public school instead, which he refuses, upsetting Kara. At that moment, there is news of a middle school shooting near Richmond, VA, and everything in the station changes. Mark breaks the news, revealing that the shooter barged past security and has been presumably shot dead. However, there are other victims as well. It's very reminiscent of the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in 2012. It was very upsetting and had everyone on edge. In fact, as Patrick sits in his car and waits for Daysha to finish school for the day, a cop comes over to him and asks for his license and registration. Patrick gets upset, but the cop lets him go, basically telling him to move.

Back at the station, MJ had planned to interview one of the parents waiting for her daughter to come out of the school. The mother had received a text from the daughter that she was fine, but then receives news that her daughter is indeed dead. Kara and the others in the production room watch her get the heartbreaking news off air.  It's absolutely terrible to watch. After receiving that news, MJ calls Patrick about Tracy, and Patrick reveals that Daysha has apparently spent a few nights alone before this. Shortly after, Mary Jane gets a call from Sheldon about a party he's having. Nothing fancy, just drinks and conversation. MJ goes off on him because he didn't call her all day and now she gets this last minute invite. She quickly apologizes, knowing that she's really just thrown from the hectic and draining day.

Kara calls John to talk to her kids after all of this. As a mom, she's thrown too. In the wake of all this, they both realize that their fighting is dumb, and agree to keep the kids home from school for their peace of mind. She then calls Gael to go out and spend time together to feel better. Meanwhile, Mark calls Eric and leaves a message, wishing him nothing but the best.

On her date with Gael, Kara is depressed by the movie they saw at the Latin Fest. Gael feels like she uses irony and humor as a defensive shield, afraid to really reveal more about herself. At that moment, Kara breaks down about her kids, and feeling like she doesn't know what her own purpose in life is, while everyone else does. She's been questioning everything after the shooting, and this is the most open she's ever been, at least that I've seen.

At home, Mary Jane calls Mark for company to Sheldon's party, which is very classy. Mary Jane and Mark both have a good time drinking and chatting with Sheldon's friends. Mark even meets a guy at the party, and starts to flirt a little. Sheldon and MJ sit down and chat. He's very flirtatious, but Mary Jane doesn't want to rush into anything. However, Sheldon plans to be patient and take his time in developing a solid relationship with her.

At the end of the episode, while Patrick and Daysha eat cake, he gets a text back from the PI with the expensive cost estimate to look into Tracy's disappearance. Meanwhile, Gael and Kara have sex, and so does Mark with his mystery guy! Meanwhile, MJ goes home and talks with Sheldon. She had a really great time, and is looking forward to "the next time." They both attempt to hang up, but don't, yet again having conversation all night about nothing and everything! It was so cute. I really like them together!

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