RECAP: "Pulling The Trigger"-Being Mary Jane S2, E6

Another great episode of Being Mary Jane last night! Picking up from last week, there is an armed man, Brian Ellis, threatening to kill himself outside of his law firm as Mary Jane watches from home. She calls Kara, and another anchorman is downtown covering it. At that moment, MJ gets a call from the doctor, and reveals she is nervous to take the shot she needs to trigger her ovulation circle. The plan is for her to take the shot, and then meet him to have her egg extraction the next night. She manages to pull it together, and get the shot done.

As Mary Jane leaves to go to work, David is waiting outside for her. He wants to talk to her about Ana, but she's not feeling the conversation, and rightfully so! David's had some epiphany that he's changed his life for someone he barely knows. He's trying to do the right thing by staying around for the baby, but feels trapped and thinks Ana feels the same way. To MJ, this doesn't change the fact that David got another woman pregnant. He wants her to tell him that it's not too late for them, but she can't do that. At the end of the day, their dynamic has completely changed, and it's like David expects for them to move forward like nothing has happened! Come on dude!

At the studio, Mary Jane decides to cover the Brian Ellis story from the angle of the effect of stress in
the African American family and suicide rates among successful black men. Sheldon calls MJ, claiming to have some other information into what's going on with Brian, but they get cut off. A statement comes through from Brian's firm stating that they are not able to speak on this issue, and AP reveals that he suffers from a mild case of schizophrenia. Sheldon knew this was coming out, and wants to reveal why. At that moment, Brian kills himself live on air! Very graphic!

That night, Kara and Mary Jane talk about MJ's mysterious source, which Mary Jane promises  to fill Kara on later. MJ then goes to see Sheldon, who's cooking in the kitchen. It's seems like more of a date set up than an actual discussion regarding news! Sheldon knows why Brian killed himself, and it leads to an interesting debate between him and Mary Jane. Sheldon believes that black men in America have been smothered as they got their way up the ranks, by racism, greed, fear, etc, This Brian Ellis story is a part of Sheldon's own story. He feels like the life of a black man is more difficult than any other demographic, including the black woman. Of course, Mary Jane, being the passionate woman that she is, goes off, sparking a heated discussion! She rightfully says that black women have deeply struggled too, and sometimes by the hand of black men themselves. Sheldon stares at her in awe, calling her sexy, and she gets upset again, feeling minimized. However, it's her passion and wit that he finds attractive, and he feels like she is the best person to share her story with.
At that moment, Mary Jane randomly runs to the bathroom to call the doctor, and reveals she experience a massive orgasm out of nowhere, which apparently is totally normal with the hormones!

Meanwhile, Kara goes shopping, and sees Gael. She tries to hide, but they run into each other anyway. He speaks to her in Spanish as a joke, and blocks her way, but she manages to get by. It's clear that their situation is not over, as they exchange flirtatious glances!

Back at Sheldon's, he gives MJ everything that she'll need for the story, but asks that she keeps it confidential. He also reveals that he started his law career at the same firm as Brian. He then asks her if she's seeing anyone right now, expressing that he would love to go out with her. She states that's definitely a possibility. I think they would make a great couple, but MJ still loves David. I know the heart wants what the heart wants, but I really would love to see her with Sheldon. I think they both challenge each other in some great discussion, and are attracted to each other, but I know that Mary Jane is too caught up in David still.

Late that night, Mary Jane goes to see Patrick, who's been working hard trying to get back on his feet, and asks him if he's stressed and has ever considered suicide. She tells him that she loves him, and if he ever needs anyone to talk to, she's there. The story has obviously made her uneasy, and they hug. On air the next day, MJ reveals that the firm knew about Brian's schizophrenia, but shrugged it off in internal memos, saying that he should basically get over it.  This memo was written three weeks before Brian's suicide. Mary Jane also quotes a 2014 study that shows that 40% of African Americans feels like outsiders in the corporate world and that a strong percentage feel that they have to compromise their authenticity in order to be successful. Kara chews MJ out later saying that the story wasn't impartial, but then MJ reveals she knows about the focus group session that went on behind her back. Kara didn't do anything at all to support her, which angered Mary Jane.

Later, Mary Jane gets a call from Val who's concerned about Lisa and a voicemail she left Val. Mary Jane quickly goes over to Lisa's house. Val states that Lisa was disoriented and that Val gave her meds to calm her down. She also asks MJ if Lisa needs to be on psychiatric hold. It's interesting because Lisa's situation is similar to Brian's situation, and Mary Jane reluctantly says that maybe she needs help. Meanwhile, at work, Kara gets a text from Gael who keeps talking in Spanish which is not her first language. She agrees to go out with him.

MJ and Val stay at Lisa's and talk about Lisa and her potential depression. MJ tries to downplay Lisa's condition, believing that Lisa can't be depressed over being lonely and not snagging David. At that moment, Lisa walks in and goes off about how MJ gets everything, but takes it all for granted. Of course, she's also upset about David wanting MJ as well. Lisa really came off as bitter, though I do think that she may need help, and it wasn't right of Mary Jane to downplay her situation. However, Mary Jane states that she feels like she's continually put Lisa's issues on her back, and can't handle it anymore. MJ needs to take care of herself, and I agreed with her on that.

That night, Kara goes out with Gael. She felt challenged about her allegiance to her culture which put her on the defense a little bit, but it's clear that they hope to get over it and start anew. They talk about Gael's job, who is a geotechnical engineer, looking at the risk of buildings. Meanwhile, MJ makes a call to tell someone to let himself in. Of course, it's David. She lets him know that she wants him...and his baby, completely ignoring her appointment! I guest she decides to try to do things the natural way! That night, they have passionate sex. I'm all for love and everything, but I feel like we're back to last season with Mary Jane messing with someone that she can't technically have. I need her to stop repeating the cycle!

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