RECAP: "Switch"-The Game Season 8 Finale

I can't believe that last night was the season finale of The Game! Picking up from last week, Tasha meets with Blue and gives him a great pep talk for the championship game, all while ignoring Malik. When Jason comes in, she puts a "curse" on him, mad that he's the reason why Chardonnay left!

At the game the next day, Blue can't seem to focus because he thinks that Malik is trying to get with Keira. He tells Jason his suspensions, and Jason keeps mum even though he knows that something may be happening. It was weird how Blue just randomly came to that conclusion, though. It's obvious when you're actually paying attention, but Blue has been so focused on football lately. However, now he just has this gut feeling that something is going on, but that's not the most important thing right now.

Brittany and Kelly comes to the game and sits in the box with the Sunbeams. While Tasha is ecstatic, Keira is clearly not and says hello to her coldly, because she's Team Chardonnay. Kelly and Brittany get flowers from Jason, which makes even Brittany happy. Kelly lets Tasha know that she is not with Jason again, though. It's clear that something is going on, even if Kelly doesn't want to admit it. Whatever Kelly decides, Tasha will stand with her. As the Sabers comes out, everyone goes crazy for their favorite player or coach. Though Keira gets a little excited for Blue, she stands up and goes crazy for Malik! It's clear that her feelings go a little deeper than she may think!

At halftime, Jason tells Malik about the conversation he had with Blue earlier, advising Malik to not even bother with Keira. While trying to talk with the team before the second half, Coach Sparks has a heart attack, and the game goes on with another coach in charge. However, the coach makes the wrong calls leading to two touchdowns from the other team, tying up the game. As quick as that coach got put in the head coach position, that's as quick as he got fired! The owner's son quickly puts Jason in charge!

Jason makes all the right calls, and the Sabers pull out a win! After the game, Kelly and Brittany are waiting for him, but the owner's son pulls him aside to talk. Tasha congratulates Blue and takes pictures with him, and Keira congratulates Blue as well. Blue brings Malik over and asks him to come celebrate with them. Blue even invites a girl for him so he wouldn't be a third wheel, but really he's just trying to see what's going on between Malik and Keira.

Later, Kelly finds Jason passed out on the floor mysteriously. It turns out that the Keiths are unsure about Coach Sparks' return, and Jason gets the interim coaching job. There will be a press conference tomorrow, and he's clearly freaking out. However, Kelly manages to calm him down and tells him that all things happen for a reason. He was built for this, and he will rise to the occasion! In that moment, it hit me just how much Kelly has always been there to talk him up. Chardonnay has never really understood how big a part football plays in Jason's life.

At their dinner, Malik has Bria Murphy as a date, but he's not interested. Blue makes a toast to the win and friends having a good time. He takes a picture of Bria and Malik and wants to send it out on Twitter, and Keira decides to take it for filtering and touch ups before it goes out. Blue then advises Malik to dance with Bria, but Malik quickly refuses. However, they eventually go, while Keira watches jealously. She drags Blue to the dance floor to make Malik jealous. Keira and Malik both do the most on the dance floor, until Blue calls her out, and accuses her of being with Malik. Keira gets defensive, and calls him a lame fiance. She wonders if that's what he really thinks of her, then why would he want to be with her anyway? She storms away as he calls after her.

Later, Keira goes over to see Malik. She admits they got into a fight over him, with Blue having picked up on their energy. She also admits that she's been feeling some kind of way about him, and he feels it too. Keira also thinks they should cut down on their time together, which upsets Malik and leads to an argument with them. As Malik tells her to get out, she hits him, but then they end up making out! I knew this was going to happen!

At the press conference, the Keiths discuss Coach Sparks' condition, and announce that Jason will be the interim coach. Behind the scenes, Jason opens up about the fact that he wants Kelly next to her for sure. Jason is brought out, and he states how he is grateful for the opportunity, and he thanks his family, bringing out Kelly! Meanwhile, Chardonnay watches live, and she makes the decision to go back to San Diego to tear things up!

I can't wait for The Game Season 9!

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