RECAP: "Total Eclipse of the Heart"-The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 Episode 9

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes 2 made a crazy turn last night! Picking up from last week, as the remainder competitors party, Wes and Leroy talk about making it to the Finals. The goal is to now use Jenna and Jay as the scapegoat as planned. However, Jordan and Sarah refuse, knowing that Wes and Theresa are just scared to face elimination. Honestly, it doesn't make sense to do away with the easiest team now, when you can keep them for the final. Jordan and Sarah are playing for themselves, and Wes gets upset or whatever. When he and Jordan have a conversation about this all again the next day, Jordan makes the implication that Theresa is a bigger witch then he is an ass. To me, I never have liked Theresa. I think she's fake, and it shows when she hears from Wes that Jordan was talking about her. She starts crying and getting all emotional. To me, it's all stupid. Can we get the focus back to the game?!

Moments later, T.J. sends a clue that says: "Meet me in the Dome in 20 minutes." The house has NO IDEA what's been going on! T.J. announces to them that the Battle of the EXiled has been going on with all of the eliminated teams to bring a team back. He then brings out Jonna and Zach to face Nany and Bananas in an elimination! The teams will play "It Takes Two To Tangle." The teams have to tangle ropes as best as they can around a wooden structure for 20 minutes, and then switch to untangle the mess their opponents have created. Nany and Bananas surprisingly struggle in the beginning. Zach and Jonna actually communicate well and seem to be knocking it out, until they get tangled in their ropes some kind of way. Bananas and Nany manage to get it together and take the win, sending home Zach and Jonna! This definitely changes EVERYTHING! Wes and Theresa especially are definitely scared and they should be!

Back at the house, Sarah and Jordan know that Bananas and Nany has their back, which is good because they no longer had an alliance in this game. Leroy and Bananas have a conversation about Leroy joining up with Wes, which irritates Bananas. Bananas tells Leroy upfront that he doesn't need Wes, and that Leroy should end that alliance. Leroy doesn't mind it, because he was with Bananas from the beginning until he and Nany got eliminated. Wes tries to come over in the conversation, but Bananas doesn't want to hear anything from him. Everyone has flipped on Wes now, and, to me, it's karma for him and Theresa. Yes, I have to admit that Wes impresses me consistently with how he knows to play this game, but both he and Theresa are way too smug.

At the next day's Challenge, the teams play "Wrecking Ball." The goal is use a wrecking ball (punching bag) to knock people off a platform! There are also two dodgeballs that can be thrown at any time to get people off their balance. The first team to have both players in the water will go to the Dome, and the last team or team member standing wins! Nia can't even manage to stand up on the platform and jumps off before the challenge even starts! I know she has a fear of heights, but come on! During the challenge, everyone guns for Wes and Theresa, and Theresa quickly falls. Wes goes down shortly after, and the two of them are going to the Dome! Towards the end, Bananas slyly jumps off the platform after Nany falls, leaving Jordan and Jenna to duke it out. Bananas does this because he doesn't want to have to make the decision of who will face Wes and Theresa. Jordan knocks Jenna off, which allows Jordan and Sarah to win Power Couple at a very crucial point in the game! 

Back at the house, Jordan and Sarah already know that they'll be throwing in Leroy and Nia, which makes sense. Yes, Jay and Jenna rode an easy train all the way up until now, but they are not threats at all. Having them in the final would be a piece of cake. Sarah and Jordan also want Wes and Theresa gone, so they feel like Leroy and Nia would be the only ones left to take them out. They're not going to throw in Nany and Bananas since they are in a clear cut alliance with them, so it is what it is. Of course, Leroy and Nia get upset, with Nia especially making it personal. She tries to act like Jordan should have her back since they were on the same season of The Real World together, but Nia treated him like trash then, and Jordan knows how she can get. Why would he even want to save her?

At deliberation, Nia goes off even further, which is entirely too much. To me, I don't care how close friends you are outside of this house. In the game, it's every team for itself. You have to do what's best for you, or you're not getting that money! Nia always makes things so personal. She literally goes off on everybody, especially Nany and Bananas who managed to come back. She and Nany REALLY get into it, with Nia calling her all kinds of names, yelling and screaming, and of course, Nany claps back! The episode ends on a cliffhanger just like that. And it left me thinking, T.J. Lavin, how do you deal with this foolishness?! 

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