RECAP: "The Greatest Love of All"-The Challenge Battle of The Exes II Season Finale

Last night was an intense finale for Battle of the Exes II! Picking up from last week, three couples remain: Sarah & Jordan, Jay & Jenna, and Leroy & Theresa. For the first checkpoint, "Kayak the Fjord," the helicopters take them a some yards out from their kayaks to swim to short. The great swimmers that they are, Jordan and Sarah take off and get to their kayak first, getting a great lead. Surprisingly, Jay and Jenna do well and However, Leroy and Theresa struggle swimming, particularly Leroy. When they get to their kayak, they also struggle to actually go anywhere down the fjord, and Theresa panics and goes off on him.

Getting to the end of the fjord first, Jordan and Sarah change into their team uniforms and run up the  path to "Mind Games." The goal is to unscramble a five word sentence using rocks with letters on them. Sarah is a natural puzzle solver, so, of course, they kill it quickly. Meanwhile the other teams make it to shore, with Jay & Jenna in second and Leroy & Theresa in third. Of course, Leroy and Theresa pass Jenna and Jay, because Jenna would rather walk. She's been very nonchalant this entire challenge, and, honestly, I don't want to see her on any more challenge. After Leroy and Theresa solve their puzzle, and forget to flip it over, Jay and Jenna don't even think to look at their answer! No wait, Jay asks Jenna if she thinks they can, but they both just stand there puzzled.

The next checkpoint is "Don't Flip Your Lid," which is basically a game of Flip Cup. After first drinking a cup of this fishy mystery drink, the goal is to flip a lid over a row of cups. You get three flips to get the lid on the cup, or you have to drink whatever the hell that is. Jordan and Sarah end up having to drink a lot,  but manage to get through. Theresa and Leroy struggle as well. Meanwhile, back at the puzzle, Jay and Jenna reach the time limit and get to go through. It's clear that this is not for them AT ALL.

When they finally reach the Flip Cup phase,  Jay and Jenna struggle terribly. They aren't the type to physically stand eating or drinking anything disgusting, and now they don't even know if they're even going to stay in the game. TJ eventually comes to them, stating that if they don't get it done, they're out. Jay even starts crying, frustrated at the situation, and T.J. calls them both out on how ridiculous they are. This is a part of the game, and they haven't been able to do anything. Jay and Jenna decide to leave, and get nothing after all that. So much for proving that they weren't an easy layup. I can't deal with them. Neither of them were mentally or physically prepared for this game in my opinion, and I really don't want to see them on any more challenges.

Before the next checkpoint, the teams are told to pick up five rocks and carry them to the next checkpoint. Jordan and Sarah reach "Get Your Rocks Off" first. The goal is to throw and land five rocks in a well. The catch is that everyone has to consume a tube of caviar before throwing! If they don't make their five, they have to go back down the hill to get more rocks and throw again.  throw get more. It's disgusting to watch everyone eat that caviar and throw up. While Leroy and Thereas catch up to them here, Sarah and Jordan are still in a decent lead. The two reach the time limit for this checkpoint, but are able to move on.

The next checkpoint is "Bike Ride," which isn't the easiest with the hills, but it's much better than running. Sarah and Jordan still have a good lead over Theresa and Leroy, getting to the rest stop before the climb to the top of Mt. Slogan. At the rest stop, there are two options for the teams, They either get to rest on a small bed on top of each other away from the fire, or have to stand up by the fire. As they try to warm themselves up, they reflect on how they've both been told that they couldn't do these challenges, and look where they are now! For both of them, this is about more about proving themselves. A while later, Theresa and Leroy catch up. Everyone comments on how they haven't seen Jay and Jenna. Theresa and Leroy also get into a heated discussion about the game and how he needs to learn to play or get played. Leroy believes that this game can be played fairly, but I think he's a little delusional on that. The conversations eventually stop as the teams struggle to stay warm and rest. They are on a mountain, so the later it gets, the colder it gets. It's so cold outside, they are shaking. I felt terrible for them. The producers could've at least given them better coats or something! But this is the Final so they have to suck it up.

The next morning, T.J. announces that Jay and Jenna didn't make it. Everyone already figured they wouldn't. Today, the teams will scale Mt. Slogan, which is literally a mile climbing straight up this rugged mountain. Since Jordan and Sarah won for the day before, they get a five minute lead. That's nothing honestly, but they have to use it to the best of their ability. The climb looks dangerous and scary, plus draining, and it definitely wears everyone down. It really is basically who wants it more.

The entire climb was literally neck and neck, but Jordan and Sarah make it to the top first, winning $250,000!!!!! Leroy and Theresa earn $70,000 to split, which isn't too shabby, though I know how bad Leroy wanted to win. I was very happy for Jordan and Sarah, though. Sarah especially. She has been going at this for so long, and has gotten the short end of the stick quite a few times with having bad partner luck. She made some big power moves, that seems to still have a bad effect on some friendships, but I'm proud that she learned to play for herself and put the nice side away for a second. Behind Nany and Bananas, this was definitely the team I wanted to win!

What did you think of the season finale of Battle of the Exes II?

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