In The Spotlight: Jordan and Joelle

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Today, we have radio hosts (and twin sisters!) Jordan and Joelle Hernandez! Since they were little, they have had a passion for the entertainment industry, snagging roles as babies! The twins were featured at six months old in a commercial for the United Negro College Fund. About about a year and a half later, they were cast as baby Sarah in Dead Presidents, starring Larenz Tate and Chris Tucker. The sisters put their auditioning to the side to focus on school, until the age of 10 when they started up again. “We were constantly traveling in and out of NYC to shoot various commercials, educational videos and magazine/catalog spreads, including the cover of New York Magazine, a Spongebob product commercial, Limited Too catalogs and Toys R Us catalogs just to name a few,” the twins said in an email interview. They also became very active in the Perth Amboy, NJ Chapter of New Jersey Orators. “As members of NJ Orators, we developed a love and skill for being in front of an audience through public speaking competitions,” Jordan and Joelle stated. In high school, they continued to pursue their love of television, getting involved in the Newscasters Club, reporting the school news on television, two or three times a week.


Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Are Married

Looks like congratulations are in order! Actors Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed have officially tied the knot!

The couple was married Sunday (April 26) in Malibu, California, according to PEOPLE.  From pictures of the wedding ceremony, which was held at Topanga Canyon, the bride wore a fishtail gown with lace sleeves, while Ian's handsome self rocked an all-white suit.


NEW MUSIC: "They Ain't Saying Nothing"-Kai Roy'al

Queens rapper Kai Roy'al has dropped his new track "They Ain't Saying Nothing," for the listeners! The hard-hitting track speaks to all of the posers pretending to be something they're not, including some of these other rappers out.

Check out the track below!
You can keep up with Kai Roy'al on his official website and listen to his music on SoundCloud. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


MUSIC VIDEO: "Beautiful Girl"-Finnli

"I'm not the smartest chick in the world....I don't have a PhD from Harvard. Didn't grow up with a silver spoon...see I've been test[ed] and tried, now I'm approved!" 

Some morning motivation for the women! R&B/Soul singer Finnli has released her official music video for "Beautiful Girl," an inspirational track just for the ladies!

Directed by The Last American B-Boy, the video features Finnli singing and dancing along with other beautiful women and girls as they celebrate their beauty and worth. This song was so moving and fun to rock to, so I had to share with yall this morning!

Check out the uplifting video below!


Lady Gaga Will Receive Contemporary Icon Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Lady Gaga is approaching a decade in the business in a few years, and already is considered iconic!

According to ABC News, the singer will receive the first Contemporary Icon Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame on June 18. The award is to honor a performing songwriter "who has attained an iconic status in pop culture," according to a statement from the hall.

In addition to Gaga receiving her award, Bobby Braddock, Willie Dixon, Robert Hunter & Jerry Garcia, Toby Keith, Cyndi Lauper and Linda Perry are being inducted into the hall. Van Morrison will receive the Johnny Mercer Award and fun.'s Nate Ruess will receive the Hal David Starlight Award, which is given to young songwriters.

Congratulations to Gaga for this honor!

Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images

ALBUM TRAILER: The Playback Session-DJ iShine

At the beginning of the month, I had the opportunity to feature Washington D.C.'s own DJ iShine, who is set to drop a new album, The Playback Session, next week!

The Playback Session is a compilation album, which features some of DJ iShine's best work. Collaborations on the album include artists like: Jean P the MC, Thonio, DC King of Hearts, Raven Seiara, Ricky Ricardo and DJ Willie Beemen.

Check out the trailer below!


Sandra Bullock Named PEOPLE's World's Most Beautiful Woman for 2015

Sandra Bullock has been named PEOPLE's World's Most Beautiful Woman for 2015!

In her interview with PEOPLE for the cover, she discussed motherhood, her diet and health, and her ideas on how life should be. Her healthy diet and exercise regimen, which she stated helps keep her balanced and grounded, includes green juice and working out with Body By Simone four to five times a week. That helps her stay "balanced and grounded" as well. "I love that it's not big weights, you move the entire time, it's a torture chamber of sorts," she said of her routine. "When I started, I could barely do 20 seconds, and I'm not kidding. I'm crying on the floor, and she's like, 'Are you a smoker?' I was like, 'I hate you.'

Read more from the interview below!


In The Spotlight: Art Heart ATL

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Today, we have media brand Art Heart ATL! Established by Jared and Mesi James, Art Heart ATL began as an art company, which featured photographic 3D graffiti art from all over the country. “Art Heart ATL’s name represents art from the heart, created by artists such as Mesi,” Jared said of the brand’s name. “ATL signifies the birthplace of the ‘We are Culture’ movement, which is the mission of Art Heart ATL, as well as bringing education and class back to the community.”

John Stamos Confirms Full House Reboot Coming to Netflix in 2016

Oh my Lanta! This Full House reboot is really happening!

John Stamos announced on Jimmy Kimmel Live! late Monday (April 20) that Netflix has ordered a 13-episode season of Fuller House, a continuation of hit series Full House! Under Warner Horizon Television, Miller-Boyett Productions and Jeff Franklin Productions, the reboot is set to hit Netflix in 2016!

Check out the announcement below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "Cherish"-Dejah

A music video for you all this morning. Check out the visual for "Cherish," from singer Dejah!

Shot in Miami, the video features Dejah cleaning and taking care of her man, but he is completely unappreciative of her! "Cherish," produced by Isaac "Isosik" Johnson, opens up the lack of appreciation and love shown in relationships (on both sides honestly). This song was created in the hopes that "listeners walk away feeling empowered and hopeful of true love that will come to recognize their importance and allow them to value their qualities." I hope it does that for someone! 

Check out the video below!


RECAP: Being Mary Jane Season 2 Finale ("Reading The Signs," E11 & "Signing Off," E12)

This season of Being Mary Jane has definitely held my attention, and last night's two-hour season finale had my eyes glued to the TV! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane has an interview with Don Lemon at CNN about her rant with author Elizabeth Foy, where she called the woman "an ugly black woman." MJ claims that this "ugly black woman" title isn't dependent upon race, gender, or sexual orientation, It's about shedding light to those whose stories do not matter. She plans to continue to use her show to showcase these stories.

Afterwards, Mary Jane gets a call from PJ, who tells her that Mama Helen has been bragging about how MJ's all over the TV. There's even a new autotuned song that has gone viral (of course)! Literally, this interview is EVERYWHERE, and everyone has an opinion, good and bad. When she gets to the station, there are even supporters with signs there to welcome her and get her autograph! Mary Jane clearly loves the attention. Cynthia, who currently is in the primetime slot, is waiting in her office to talk. Turns out that Cynthia wasn't sick that day that MJ filled in for her. The executives at SNC told the woman to take a few days sick leave. Cynthia expresses that she feels that the network is using Mary Jane to push her out.  MJ doesn't agree that that's going to happen, but Cynthia doesn't feel like she's sincere or really concerned.


UPCOMING EVENTS: "The High Road"-Milano Di Rouge Fashion Showcase (Philadelphia)

Wanted to share an upcoming fashion event, specifically for my Philly readers and those in the surrounding areas! Philadelphia-based fashion designer Milan Rouge of Milano Di Rouge apparel line presents, "The High Road," a luxury street-wear fashion showcase revealing Milan's Spring/Summer collection.

Via Our Diverse PR: "Guests should expect an evening of high-energy vibes and aesthetics as models strut this year's hottest trends from the popular line." You're invited to attend and rub elbows with socialites from New York to Atlanta as we celebrate the evolution of Milano Di Rouge - a collection that guarantees to push the limits of sex appeal for fashion lovers world wide."

Check out more about the event below!


MUSIC VIDEO: "X Drive"-G5 Elz

Another music video for you all tonight! Back in October, I had an interview with NY rapper G5 Elz. The artist released his visual for single "X Drive" back in December, and I wanted to share with you all. Directed by Travito of LiveAction Creative Group, the video features G5 in his native streets surrounded by his crew, just rhyming and on chill vibes.

Check out the visual below!

MUSIC VIDEO: "Let 'Em Know"-Coco Jones

Singer/actress Coco Jones, known for her role in the 2012 Disney Channel film Let It Shine, has released a new music video for her latest single "Let 'Em Know!"

In the video, which premiered on Billboard this week, we see Coco's smooth dance skills and mature look. Though she is 17, she is branching away from that "child star" title, and making her way as a more mature artist in the industry. The song itself, produced by Thaddeus Dixon, showcases her strong and confident vocals, and is definitely a banger! This is her first project since splitting with Hollywood Records, as she branches out as an independent artist.

Check out the video below!

In The Spotlight: Axel Jordan

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Today, we have pop/R&B artist and designer Axel Jordan! Originally from Brooklyn, NY, the singer was raised by a single mom along with his brother and sister. Though he learned the importance of being kind and respectful, and doing his best in whatever he did, Axel acknowledged that creativity and expression weren’t a part of his upbringing. However, he still knew in his heart that singing and performing was what he was meant to do. “My family didn't understand it because it went against everything they knew but I did it anyway,” he said. “I sang. When nothing else made sense, I sang.” Axel joined the choir at school, and never looked back.


TRAILER: Orange Is The New Black Season 3

The third season of Orange Is The New Black is a few months away, and we have finally gotten a full look of what's to come!

Check out the trailer below!


RECAP: "Primetime"-Being Mary Jane S2, E10

It's hard to believe that this season of Being Mary Jane is almost over. It went so fast! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane has another night with her cutty buddy Brandon! They watch a foreign movie, which quickly turns to sex. Afterwards, they talk about the fact that he wants to stay in the NFL though he's been released from his team, instead of going to school or another country to play. Brandon asks MJ about Sheldon, joking about the fact that Sheldon's old. He also reminds her that it's not in their arrangement to have sex with other people while they are involved, though part of me doubts that he hasn't been sleeping with other women. However, it seems like this friends with benefits thing is working out nicely for them.

In The Spotlight: Deniz Reno

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Today, on The Spotlight, we have Toronto-based singer Deniz Reno! Coming from a family of visual artists and sculptors, Deniz has always been surrounded by wonderful creativity and artistry. Also, living in Central Asia for the first 10 years of her life had a strong impact on her life and music. “I’m influenced by my Eastern European roots, my Middle Eastern roots, my Asian roots,” the singer said. “These cultures have always been very rich in musical talent.” She also listened to a variety of artists and genres through her parents including Luciano Pavarotti, Maria Callas, Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Dassin, Whitney Houston and Janice Joplin.


ALBUM REVIEW: The Album About Nothing-Wale

Wale released his fourth album, The Album About Nothing, on March 31, which you KNOW I copped (three physical copies with the different covers plus the digital version from iTunes...no games here). I contemplated long and hard whether or not I was going to review this album. As a huge supporter of his, I knew that this album was going to be different, and I partly just wanted to enjoy him telling his story. As an entertainment blogger, I felt obligated to share my thoughts on the album. I decided to sit with the album this week, and THEN review (I mean, as J. Cole said, "1 listen reviews are fxcking up hip hop."). For lyricists like Cole and Wale, you need to really study their work to truly understand, so I did.

Using a Seinfeld theme, as used in previous mixtapes The Mixtape About Nothing and More About Nothing, Wale incorporates dialogue from the show, as well recorded conversations between him and Jerry Seinfeld himself! The album features production from DJ Dahi, Pro Reese, No Credit, Ayy Dot, and more, as well as vocals from stars like J. Cole, SZA, and Usher. I literally haven't stopped listening since the album's release. Honestly, I was impressed, the most impressed I've ever been by any of his studio albums. The vulnerability and expression is on another level on TAAN, and that is impressing many people, beyond just his fans.

Check out more of my review below!


RECAP: "Line in the Sand"-Being Mary Jane S2, E9

Tuesday's episode of Being Mary Jane was definitely an interesting one (but then again, that's every episode!). Picking up from last week, Mary Jane does a story about human trafficking in the United States, discussing various statistics and laws, as well as conducting an interview with Leah Albright-Byrd who went through this, and created an organization dedicated to a friend called Bridget's Dream. I loved it, because it actually seemed like a natural conversation with Leah explaining her story.

That night at her home, Mary Jane has a small party to celebrate getting nominated for an Emmy for Talk Back. The next day at work, however, there's tension between MJ and Kara, who feels like MJ needs to give more direction to the writers and producers. She is going in this new direction and loving it, but the ratings are still low, in spite of the Emmy nom. Greg doesn't want them to wait until it's too late to change things. At the production meeting, later, Mary Jane wants to go back to her "ugly black woman" story, which Kara feels is dead news. The writers try to spin it, but Kara is not feeling it at all. She's uncomfortable with dealing with race completely, it seems, so I'm not surprised.


In The Spotlight: DJ iShine

Another spotlight for you all today! As always, if you are or represent an upcoming artist, producer, designer, etc., visit our Features/Submissions page for more information on how to be featured on The Spotlight!

Today, we have DJ iShine (Doing Justice iShine) ! Hailing from Washington, D.C., the DJ got his start in music as a kid, as music was always around him within his family. “My mom came from Jamaica and while she was in Jamaica she was heavily influenced by it (reggae, soca, calypso, etc.),” he said. “My dad, on the other hand, he came from New York and when he was in his younger years, he and my uncles would collect jazz/Motown records and would normally be at jazz clubs at night.” iShine drew inspiration from that eclectic taste, but got his official start playing trumpet in middle school, and furthered his music experience in high school. He went to boarding school, and didn’t really connect with the kids there, a lot of them being children of billionaires, CEOs and entrepreneurs. “Really my only friend my freshman year (and bit of my sophomore year) was my trumpet,” he admitted.


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