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Today, we have DJ iShine (Doing Justice iShine) ! Hailing from Washington, D.C., the DJ got his start in music as a kid, as music was always around him within his family. “My mom came from Jamaica and while she was in Jamaica she was heavily influenced by it (reggae, soca, calypso, etc.),” he said. “My dad, on the other hand, he came from New York and when he was in his younger years, he and my uncles would collect jazz/Motown records and would normally be at jazz clubs at night.” iShine drew inspiration from that eclectic taste, but got his official start playing trumpet in middle school, and furthered his music experience in high school. He went to boarding school, and didn’t really connect with the kids there, a lot of them being children of billionaires, CEOs and entrepreneurs. “Really my only friend my freshman year (and bit of my sophomore year) was my trumpet,” he admitted.

However, the school did have a recording studio, where kids who took Intro to Music Recording courses could create new music themselves. “I actually would try to make beats on my school’s computer software, Sony ACID, and I made a beat with that program,” iShine said. He admitted that the beat wasn’t good, and he sang on it as well, and that it eventually was passed along throughout the school as a joke. “While I was bummed, I did decide to see what I can manifest out of my new hobby,” he said. “So I actually consulted a friend of mine named Willie Harris (went by DJ Willie Beemen at that time) and he taught me how to make beats and from there I taught myself how to DJ.” The DJ was able to make this negative situation turn around for the best, and found his dream and purpose.

While he attended Ohio University, DJ iShine was able to meet other students who had the same mindset as him. He founded his own record label called 1SIDE Music and was able to record, perform and produce songs and albums with these student. “We did a slew of shows at Ohio University including fests, Greek parties and our own semester show segment 'OU Hip Hopalooza,'” he explained further. He gained experience putting shows together, and was able to grow in his musical experience, truly knowing at this point that music was his life purpose. “I just remember taking my finals in class, getting my degree and Djing live for students with a thought in my mind saying, ‘I need to make this happen. This IS my destiny,’” DJ iShine said.

iShine is specifically inspired by DJ Jazzy Jeff, as well as The Roots, David Guetta, Timbaland, Pharrell, The Weeknd, PartyNextDoor, James Blake, Afrojack, Skrillex, Just Blaze, and Mark Ronson. Being from D.C., the DJ acknowledged that his city also has definitely had a major impact on his work. “Washington DC is such a diverse and cultured city with so much potential for an individual,” he said. “Primarily DC is known for its go go music, but by the likes of artists like Wale, Tank, Amerie and even rock bands like Good Charlotte, the city is a plethora of hip hop, R&B, jazz, rock and now EDM music.” iShine himself mixes a variety of genres, putting an EDM/electronica spin on many of them. “I normally call them ‘SuiteMixes’ because it brings an upscale vibe to the track and, in all fun brings a sweet sound to your ears,” he joked.

One of his favorite mixes is actually a mix he did to Drake’s track “Legend,” from the rapper’s latest album, If You Are Reading This, It’s Too Late. “I managed to transform the song from a downtempo track into an upbeat synth pop trap remix,” iShine said of the mix. He also e I also enjoyed mixing music for an artist called Adam Reverie. Rev has a track called “Noah's Song”. It is a powerful song about black fathers being their for their sons. Lyrics are very heartfelt and on point! Check out a few of DJ iShine’s mixes below!

This summer, the DJ will be releasing a mixtape, Suite 12, for listeners! “The last mixtape we really had that took over and evolved the game was Drake's So Far Gone,” he said. “I plan on being the first DJ to have a critically acclaimed mixtape since that one. I have put in years of work on this project and I am giving it away for free.” Truly an eclectic project, the tape will include different music ranging from hip hop to electronic to jazz! “It's very cool to see the evolution of music over the years and since DJs are being treated equally like artists now, I feel like it's my turn to put my mark in their too,” iShine stated. He has other projects on deck, though he’s keeping them under wraps for now. Currently though, working on Suite 12 is his main focus.

In terms of what sets him apart from other DJs or producers, DJ iShine believes the fact that he doesn't “carry the same ‘Drop The Bass’ feel in his music makes him stand out. “I expand on my art because I feel like I am meant to be a finger print in the game, not just another person that throws music up on SoundCloud,” he said. “Most music I have heard usually contains either a house/chillwave feel or a trap/dubstep feel. With my music, I have tried to find a way to bridge the gap between those concepts while being unique and not just a knockoff."

In the future, he wants to be a strong influence in the music and entertainment industries, going beyond just performing. “There are so many things that I would like to do with my career like produce music for film and Tv etc or even mix live shows,” iShine admitted. “For now, I just want to learn as much as possible about myself as an artist and how I can leave a legacy behind in the game. I see myself with an award or two though,” he laughed.

You can learn and listen to more from DJ iShine on his official website as well as SoundCloud. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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