RECAP: "Primetime"-Being Mary Jane S2, E10

It's hard to believe that this season of Being Mary Jane is almost over. It went so fast! Picking up from last week, Mary Jane has another night with her cutty buddy Brandon! They watch a foreign movie, which quickly turns to sex. Afterwards, they talk about the fact that he wants to stay in the NFL though he's been released from his team, instead of going to school or another country to play. Brandon asks MJ about Sheldon, joking about the fact that Sheldon's old. He also reminds her that it's not in their arrangement to have sex with other people while they are involved, though part of me doubts that he hasn't been sleeping with other women. However, it seems like this friends with benefits thing is working out nicely for them.

The next day, MJ goes shopping, where her favorite saleslady pries into her personal life, Turns out the girl is in law school, and knows Sheldon! Not too long after meeting at the store (Sheldon had the girl try on clothes for another woman he was dating at the time), the two began dating themselves. However, things got weird because he purposely wouldn't have orgasms during sex, and he would never let the girl stay the night. She says that he normally dates young girls, too, which throws Mary Jane off.

The next day at work, Mary Jane speaks to a gardener, Ron Finley, who plants food for healthy eating in poorer communities in Los Angeles. Though they have a good discuss, Kara tells Mary Jane after the interview that she didn't dig deep enough. fter the interview, To Mary Jane, good journalism isn't just about interrogation, but Kara feels like this story was advocacy, not journalism. She gives MJ examples of questions she should've asked to kind of push back to get more answers and clarification, The way Mary Jane looked, she knew that Kara was telling the truth a little bit.

Meanwhile, Paul, Jr. speaks to his prime investor, who pulls out of his retirement community deal after he admits that he lost David. She tells him of a new stadium in Inglewood, and asks him to be a project manager and oversee purchases of foreclosed homes. He is to acquire properties from the lowest price point, basically rigging bids, which is illegal. She offers $25 million for him to do it, though he risks jail time. It's a lot of money, and PJ looks like he may actually be considering it.

Later at the station, Kara comes into the conference room where Mary Jane is working to talk about how she's been feeling. She thinks MJ pushed her out of something that was theirs from the beginning. They clicked from the very beginning, but, lately, they've been fighting way too much,  Kara admits she wants to go after what she wants, and not let their friendship fall apart in the process. She doesn't know if SNC is the right place for her anymore. Kara doesn't plan to leave right now, especially since she doesn't have anywhere to go. She thinks it's time though, which brings tears to MJ's eyes. It was a conversation that needed to be had, though. In the same way that Mary Jane is trying to forge a new path and decide what she wants now, Kara needs that too.

Later, Sheldon and Mary Jane go on a date, and MJ is very cold towards him. She opens up about her conversation with the salesgirl. Sheldon admits that he did used to date 20-somethings because of their flexibility and availability. He didn't want anything serious, because he was focused on his career. In terms of holding back on orgasming, he says it keeps him aroused longer. Though it was a clear-cut explanation, Mary Jane still isn't happy about it all. She probably feels like he'll do the same to her, or get rid of her for a younger model.

The next day, Valerie and Lisa have lunch, and talk about Lisa's relationship with Mary Jane. Lisa feels like people thinks she's crazy, and that she's drowning, and nobody wants to save her in fear of going down with her. She claims to want everything out in the open (more secrets?!), but Valerie doesn't believe that's the way to go. Something more is definitely going on there, and I cant wait to find out what!

At the station, Kara tells Mary Jane that Cynthia from the primetime show called in sick, and the higher ups are considering Mary Jane to fill her slot for the night! It's a huge deal! Kara then takes back everything from the night before, and they get happy again! Mary Jane preps for the show, but is visibly nervous.

During the show, Kara tells her that she's doing great, and they are both so hyped yet nervous still! However, everything goes left when Mary Jane has an interview with author Elizabeth Foy about her book regarding public and private schooling. Mary Jane brings up the fact that the publishing company may be racist, which leads to a big on-air confrontation between the two of them. and I'm completely taken aback. This was really supposed to be a simple interview, but Mary Jane took it too far. Kara tries to have her back on this in the production room, but there's no way this is going to be okay. Afterwards, MJ and Kara just sit, refusing to look at emails or texts. There's definitely going to be a fall out later on with this.

Meanwhile, at the Patterson house, Paul, Sr. comes in with a job opportunity with a base salary for PJ, which will get him started in his field the right (and legal) way. However, PJ says that he doesn't know if it's right for him, clearly still thinking about that bid rigging deal he was offered earlier in the episode.

Back at home, Mary Jane calls Kara, who tells her that nobody has called about the interview yet, and that they will deal with whatever comes in the morning. Sheldon calls moments later, saying that she can't shut him out in situations like this. He didn't want MJ to find out about him that way, but says that she's unlike any woman he's ever dated. He wants more in their relationship, and that's a first for him. Meanwhile, Brandon drops by, and they both agree to pull back from their situation, especially since MJ thinks things might get serious between her and Sheldon. Sheldon's past is no longer an issue to her, but she wants things to go slow, which he agrees to.

Make sure you watch the TWO-HOUR season finale of Being Mary Jane will air next Tuesday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET only on BET! 

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