ALBUM REVIEW: The Gift EP-Monique

British singer, songwriter and producer Monique recently released her EP, The Gift, which has garnered great reviews from Alt Sounds, Urban Development, ILUVLIVE, Guestlist Magazine and the MOBO Awards! 

The EP was inspired by Monique's own pregnancy and her embracing of motherhood (she recently gave birth to a baby boy!). The singer states that the EP “explores the theme of time and moments in a world that moves so fast that we rarely stand in the present. There are moments that bring us face to face with ourselves and others that are willing us to take a look in the mirror. To stop and consider our course or just to simply enjoy, be thankful and content."

Check out more of my review, and stream the EP below!

Though only 18 minutes, The Gift takes listeners through Monique's own personal journey of self-acceptance. On the project, the singer goes through the ups and downs of love, abuse, and the reminder to be grateful for each day. If you listen, it really is a life story filled with ups and downs, ultimately finding a great happiness.

The beautiful and mellow “Forever With You” starts the EP, honoring a timeless love that Monique promises her soul to. “You have my soul for a lifetime, a few minutes just won’t do. Give me forever, forever with you,” she sings. The mid-tempo “Wanna Be Where You Are” recounts Monique missing her love, who is working to make life better for them both. The EP takes a dark turn with the ballad “Doing Time” as Monique reflects on an abusive relationship. “Like a whisper in the wind, no one heard a thing,” Monique sings of the troubles hidden behind close doors. On  “Nothing’s Certain But The Past,” however, she is determined to make a change and not let her past affect her present and future any longer. By the end of the EP, Monique is in a much better place as she opens up about her optimistic views on the title track, "The Gift." She reflects on her present, stressing to listeners the importance of enjoying and being grateful for today!

This is truly a great project with beautiful music from beginning to end. Monique’s soulful vocals drawn you in from the very start and keeps your attention throughout. It's a very mellow, smooth, and well-written project that you will definitely enjoy!

RATING: ★★★★½ (Four and a half stars)

You can purchase The Gift on iTunes now and stream the EP below! 

Check out more about Monique on her official website! You can also follow the singer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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