Last week, we featured singer RYLI's music video for her sensual track "Tell Me," on The Spotlight! The track is featured on a five-song EP entitled, Enter, which was released on May 18. The project was written and produced by RYLI, along with BLVCKSCOTT, and The Unscripted.

Enter is definitely an appropriate title, as RYLI lets listeners into a bit of her world, and vulnerably expresses her emotions on the modern R&B project.

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Enter begins with the dark into, "Fallen Soul," which is short but has impact, drawing you into wanting to hear more of the project. The sexy "Tell Meis the standout track of the EP. RYLI really opens up, telling her partner to give her clear instructions on what she needs to do to satisfy him in the bedroom! 

The mid-tempo "Hold Up," featuring BLVCKSCOTT, RYLI tells her partner to not rush the process in their relationship. "Heartbreaker" slows things down, and this is where you hear RYLI the best, and where we get another sense of her vulnerability, though not in the same way as "Tell Me." She opens up about her deep feelings for another, but he constantly keeps her waiting for a real response. The project ends up on a fun note with the upbeat "Lights Camera Action," where RYLI sings of her rise in the industry. She's steadily been working to get to the top, and she doesn't plan to stop!

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As a whole, Enter is a cool project to listen to. I really enjoyed the production, and liked the overall chill vibe of the EP. My main issue, though, is that sometimes RYLI's own voice gets drowned out. The lyrics can get lost at times as well from lack of enunciation. However, she has some great, catchy material on there, as well as vivid imagery and storytelling, especially with "Tell Me" and "Heartbreaker." RYLI is certainly on her way, and I look forward to her dropping more material with her debut album, Fear, dropping next month!

RATING: ★★★½ (Three and a half stars)

You can listen to more of RYLI's music on SoundCloud, and follow her on Twitter and Instagram! Also, let us know what you thought of the project below! 

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