EP REVIEW: Your Little Trick-Travis Caudle

Last summer, we had the chance to feature Australian pop/rock artist Travis Caudle, and it was great to share his story. Well today (May 27), Travis has released his latest EP, Your Little Trick, globally!

The EP is really upbeat and great to groove to, which is perfect since summer is right around the corner! In addition to just great overall music, Travis offers awesome lyrics that listeners will definitely connect with as they hear the project.

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The uptempo "Outta My Head" starts the project on a high, with a catchy hook that's bound to have you humming and singing along (trust me on that!). Travis' mind is super focused on other things, and he often blocks out outside circumstances and people, which he sings about on the upbeat track. "There's so much I got doin', even more that's brewing," he sings. You can really feel great, high energy on this track, which is good to hear right from the start on an EP. The inspirational "Something's Gotta Happen" keeps that energy going! In my mind, I called this "The Get-Your-Life-Together track," because this is the exact speech that you may find yourself giving to others (or yourself) when it comes to making positive changes in life. You can either stay asleep and remain stagnant, or you can make a move and make something happen! This is definitely one of my favorites on the EP.

We get a bigger taste of Travis' vulnerability on tracks "Wide Open" and"Back To You," which I really enjoyed. The touching ballad "Heart and Soul," is another track that's bound to move listeners, as the singer encourages us all to let go and move towards our deepest passions. "If you could just let go of everythin’ you know, I wonder what it would do," Travis croons. "To have all your dreams come true, And get to the heart and soul of you." The mid-tempo "Never Quite Enough" ends the six-track EP, as Travis contemplates the mundane motions of life at time, hoping that one day he is able to free his mind and get to a better place. I know I've been there.

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I LOVED this project. There is definitely great music, as the project has a nice pop/rock mix with a touch of country (yeah I peeped it, and I loved that too!). He doesn't give you a project filled with all ballads, or all upbeat, energetic tracks. It's a great balance. However, the lyrical content Travis brings to the table is what really makes the project stand out. His reflective messages on each song is what makes Your Little Trick so appealing. It's really a great listen that I encourage you guys to check out!

RATING: ★★★★★ (Five stars)

You can purchase the EP on iTunes now! Also, check out more from Travis on his official website, as well as YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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