In The Spotlight: Adrena Martin

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Today on The Spotlight, we have jewelry designer Adrena Martin! Originally from Downers Grove, IL, Adrena attended the historically black college Tuskegee University, graduating in 2012. She knew for a long time beforehand that she wanted to become an entrepreneur, though she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted her business to be at first, but found her calling. “I was always into fashion and was very creative, so I decided to start making jewelry,” Adrena stated. The designer started her custom jewelry line, CreationZ from A Dove, a month before her graduation from Tuskegee. “Initially I started off just making bracelets, since that was the only thing I knew how to make,” she admitted. “[Then] I began to teach myself other jewelry techniques and started making other products.”

Creationz From A Dove offers beautiful, hand-crafted bracelets, earrings, and other accessories that customers are sure to love! The name of the business actually incorporates her membership in the sorority Zeta Phi Beta, which uses a dove as their symbol. “It played a big part in making me the person I am today, and I also made a lot of memories and lifelong friends during college as a part of Zeta Phi Beta,” Adrena said. “So I wanted to make sure that was represented in my brand along with my creativity.” Adrena is inspired by Betsey Johnson and her creativity in designing accessories, but also draws inspiration from everyday life. “Just being outside or walking in the mall can give me inspiration for my next piece,” the designer acknowledged.

In terms of what separates CreationZ From A Dove from other lines, Adrena notes the fact that her pieces are handmade and very unique. “You will never find my pieces from any other designer, unless of course they purchased it from me,” she said. “I enjoy working with buttons and gold chain especially, just because there are so many different things you can create with them.”

Adrena has various ventures coming soon and big ideas for the the future! Currently, the designer is working on her own clothing line, as well as working towards opening her own boutique. She is working on a book, and also wants to own a food truck.  She also aspires to begin a foundation to assist with funding and educating upcoming entrepreneurs like herself. “Entrepreneurship education was something I did not have in school,” Adrena admitted. “ I would love to ensure that other people like myself have the opportunity to various resources to help them be successful.” She advised entrepreneurs to do their research on beginning a business, and be prepared to make sacrifices. “Entrepreneurship, like a lot of other things in life, is hard and is not for everybody,” the designer stated. “You have to be willing to adjust your lifestyle for a short term, to live a lifestyle that many wish they had in the long term.” Very wise words!

You can learn more about Adrena on her official website, and purchase great products from CreationZ From A Dove now! You can also follow Adrena on Instagram, and follow the official Facebook and Instagram pages for CreationZ From A Dove as well.

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