NEW MUSIC: "If I Don't Have You"-Tamar Braxton

"If I don't have you...Rocks me to the core. I can't love no more." 

Tamar Braxton has released her new single, "If I Don't Have You!" She gave a little bit of a teaser of the song for her Tamartian friends last week, but now it's available for purchase on iTunes!

On the song, Tamar sings of basically not being able to love or not even function well without her significant other! We've all felt that way, so the song is sure to hit home for a lot of listeners. Per usual, Tamar's vocals are on point, especially as she effortlessly hit those high notes!

I'm going to personally go listen on repeat and be in my feelings...yall listen to the track below!

What do you think of Tamar's new single?

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