In The Spotlight: Sean Love

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Today, we have singer/songwriter Sean Love! Hailing from New Jersey, the singer started off singing in church like several other artists, and grew a love for music. About four years ago, Sean was in a group called Block Star, performing at local shows and gaining support. However, things went wrong on the business side of things, and Sean then decided to branch off as a solo artist.

Growing up for Sean was rough, having had drug-addicted parents and gone through a few foster homes. He was moved to listen to legendary soulful artists like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Teddy Pendergrass, and, even now, current R&B/soul artists like Jaheim and Anthony Hamilton. “I always gravitated towards bluesy type music, because my childhood was so crazy,” the singer said. He even first chose “Struggle” as his professional name, admitting that his mindset when he first began was “more urban, more hood” and not respecting the power of the tongue over his life. “I got to the point where I’m like, ‘Okay, I’m ‘Struggle’ because that’s everything I’ve been though,’” Sean said. “But I later changed it because I started to understand more clearly that what we say is important. If I constantly confess ‘struggle,” then that’s what I’ll be and I’ll never get to where I want to go.” He chose Sean Love after finding love and a more positive mindset when his daughter was born.

The artist uses his experiences to create and bring great music to the table. “It hits my lyrics in the respect that you hear a lot of pain and a lot of inspiration in my lyrics,” Sean said. “You’re going to hear what I went through, but you’re going to also hear maybe a way out at the end of the song.” His music is emotional, hard-hitting, and soulful, and it connects with listeners. “That’s so important to me,” Sean said of having impactful music that touches lives. “A lot of people can make music, but it’s about helping people in the music as well.”

Sean’s debut single, “Successful 2,” which draws from Drake and Trey Songz’ track “Successful,” is a testament of what his own life was, and where he’s determined to be. “I was actually in a jail cell when I wrote that song,” Sean revealed. “It’s easy [for me] to write from a painful place, and then make it something positive, or make something beautiful out of it.” Check out the song below!

Currently, the singer is putting finishing touches on a full EP and performing in different cities, working towards becoming a better artist and getting his name out there. In terms of what separates him from other artists, especially mainstream, he feels his music has a more personal feel. “I’m just putting my story to music right now,” Sean said. “I think that’s what separates me, just the genuineness, the pain, and the soulfulness of my lyrics, with a [pop] and current type edge. I’m a gumbo of things.” In the future, Sean is determined to leave a great legacy with his music inspiring other people. He also wants to branch out into acting, currently taking classes to advance his craft. “I want to definitely be all that I can be musically, and then touch on some acting. Just be all that my talents allow me to be, [do] all that God has called me to do.”

For more information, you can visit Sean’s official website. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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