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Today we have R&B singer Felixx! Originally from Monroe, Georgia, he grew up literally surrounded by family, with quite a few relatives living right next door! Felixx, like other musical artists, began singing in church (and still does). In elementary school, he began singing in different choirs, including classical, all of the way through high school. The singer was trained very well in the art of singing, learning diction, breathing and proper use of his vocal cords, which definitely helped him to become the great singer that he is today!

When he went to college, Felixx began studying music, but decided he didn’t want an actual degree in music. He instead chose to major in public relations, studying at Clark Atlanta University. “Getting things off the ground, I was definitely involved in PR,” the singer said, who has worked with DJ Traci Steele, Quad Webb-Lunceford (Married To Medicine), and Cynthia Bailey (Real Housewives of Atlanta). “So when I started partaking in my own career, [I was] doing my press releases, shooting things out to media, making sure that I was assisting people on my team in every way, shape and form that I could.” Currently he focuses more on being an artist, but still dabbles in the field every now and then.

Felixx has always had a taste for R&B, listening to artists like Prince, Calvin Richardson, and Anthony Hamilton, and Miguel. “I’m a fan of rich harmonies [and] full sounds like Anthony Hamilton has that raspiness, that growl, you know?” the singer said. “I’m a fool for all of that. I love it!” Though inspired by these artists and others in the R&B realm, Felixx was determined to create his own unique sound just like they did. “The one thing I feel like they have in common, for me, is that their sound is theirs, and it’s nobody else’s,” he said. “One thing I used to struggle with was how to make my sound fit me, and not compare myself to other people.”

Felixx has been working with his manager, Anthony, and Anthony's entertainment company, Loud N Klear Entertainment, releasing his self-title project, Felixx, last year. The EP includes his sexy lead single, “Applause,” produced by Teddy P. “With ‘Applause,” I was actually in a, we’ll call it ‘situationship,’ just dealing with this girl, and I was just in awe,” the singer laughed. In the song, Felixx referred to giving this girl a round of applause for her beautiful body, in spite of any flaws she may see in herself. Check out the video for "Applause" below!

“Applause” is probably the artist’s favorite track to perform, but Felixx loves all of the tracks on his EP, which are all different and mean a lot to him. “They all spoke to different situations in my life. [The EP] portrayed me in every way that I am,” Felixx stated. “They’re all different sounds, and some of the sounds [on the project] I never thought that I would ever be able to make [and has] emotions I thought I would never be able to portray.”

Felixx believes what separates him from the pack is his ability to kill it in the studio and then put on great live performances with a full band, background singers and dancers, and very high energy! “When I perform, or when I go into the studio, it’s me times 10,” he said. “When you see me, or when you hear me, I’m going to give you all that I have.” Right now, Felixx is shooting new videos for other songs on the EP, as well as working on his second EP, which he plans to release by the end of the summer!

This singer has a real love and passion for the music and for his listeners, and it’s clear in his music and when you speak directly with him. “My overall goal is to be iconic, to make timeless music, and just continue to do what I love,” he said. With his talent, drive, and zeal, Felixx is definitely on his way in the industry!

You can check out Felixx’s official website to learn more about the singer, and be sure to head over to SoundCloud and YouTube to check out more of his music! You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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