In The Spotlight: Hasan Yates (CEO of Masculine Footwear)

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Today, we have CEO of Masculine Footwear, Hasan Yates! The entrepreneur started in the shoe industry in September 2014. “I always wanted to create my very own shoe brand,” he said. “I got real serious about it and started doing my research on how to get started in the industry and found a manufacturer in Italy that met all my needs.” He then created footwear brand, Masculine Footwear, which offers products for both men and women!

The choice to include the word “masculine,” in the brand’s name came from Hasan researching his own name, which means strength and dominance. “That's what I want my brand to represent and our customers to feel when they step out in our luxurious footwear,” the entrepreneur said of the brand. Inspired by Daymond John and “the creativity and consistency of the Jordan brand,” Hasan and his wife Shaterica (who serves as the company’s CFO) have been steadily building the footwear line, and it’s been getting a really nice buzz! “I’ve been in [the] ATL for over a year now and everybody I've come in contact with is definitely feeling my style and brand, [and is] very supportive of my vision so far.”

What separates Masculine Footwear from other shoe brands out now are the unique designs and high quality. “I created a style for any occasion, in my opinion,” Hasan stated. “To me every shoe nowadays look alike from the material to the designs and it's getting weak. So I plan to make a huge change in this fashion industry beyond just creating shoes.” In the future, Hasan plans to offer apparel and accessories, as well as open up a physical location in Atlanta. The ultimate goal is to expand the company as a complete fashion brand worldwide! “I study the greats of the fashion world and improvise off their mistakes and success stories,” Hasan said. “I can see my brand in every city and country in the future, as long as I keep working hard and not trying to compete with other brands.”

In addition to Masculine Footwear, Hasan and Shaterica have also started THE S.H.Y. FOUNDATION, which assists less fortunate and homeless families in the Atlanta area. The couple also regularly participates in community events, giving back to the youth and encourage them to stay positive and work towards a better future.

Hasan’s main piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs? INVEST IN YOURSELF! “Nobody is gonna give you a handout unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth.,” he said outright. “Go with your heart and don't be ashamed to ask someone in your career path for a little advice, study relentlessly on your craft and be willing to sacrifice sleep and partying to go after what you want. All that hard work has to pay off in the end!”

You can check out products from Masculine Footwear on the brand's official website and on Alive Shoes. You can also follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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