In The Spotlight: Designer Wasimah Dorn

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Today, we have Wasimah Dorn, creator of women's boutique Cledgy Customs! The designer has always had a great love of fashion, and began designing her own looks, believing that it was a unique way to truly express herself. “I feel like your outfit says a lot about who you are, what you do/like, what mood you are in that day etc.,” Wasimah said. “I've always aspired to be different from everyone else.” She began getting great compliments on her style and questions about where she got her clothes, and people would ask if she could create looks for them as well. “That’s when it all clicked for me,” Wasimah said. “It’s like ‘Okay, well maybe I should start my business and stop playing.’”

Inspired by her city of Philadelphia, and other women who are not afraid to be themselves, Wasimah started Cledgy Customs (classy and edgy in one word) 10 months ago, offering one of a kind designs for women to empower them. I wanted to empower other women as well as inspire them to embrace who they are. The designer said of her start of the business:
"I want to help women understand it's ok to not be the same as the next female you see. Don't be basic, be bold! Don't follow trends; create them with Cledgy Customs. I want them to look in the mirror and love what they are wearing and what they see. Young women can inspire other women, and together, we can all be bold and embrace our individuality through self love & Cledgy Customs. Cledgy Customs offers women customized classy and edgy items to ensure the highest of individuality within my brand. It's all about being bold and embracing your individuality as you empower other women.”

Currently, Wasimah is focused on getting her name and the brand out there, exploring vendor opportunities and upcoming photo shoots. In the future, she wants to build a respectable brand that is known for its positive moment. “I will become a businesswoman who inspires other women to never give up and never stop loving who/what they see in the mirror,” the designer said. “I will create an empire around women embracing their individuality through Cledgy Customs.”

Be sure to check out Wasimah’s unique designs on Cledgy Customs' official website, and follow the brand on Instagram!

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