NEW MUSIC: "DFW"-Mosliano (Premiere)

Today, we are honored to premiere artist Mosliano's new song "DFW!"

The song itself is about truly living in the moment with someone, and not getting caught up in their past or even looking too far into the future. It's all about enjoying the time you have with him or her right now.

Mosliano admitted that it took a while to actually finish this song, not really having any type of inspiration. He received the beat back in 2013 from producer Sheikh Beatz, but didn't actually do anything with it until summer 2014. He ended up writing the chorus and a part of a verse, but struggled to finish because he didn't have any type of inspiration. "It wasn't until the beginning of this year, when an amazing woman came into my life at the right time, that I was able to finish," Mosliano stated. "We connected on a different level so quickly that writing the two verses came effortlessly." He created "DFW" as a conversational piece, talking directly to this special woman in his life.

Check out the track below!

You can check out more of Mosliano's music on SoundCloud, and also follow him onTwitterInstagram, and Snapchat (@Mosliano)! 

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