NEW MUSIC: "Evolution of Wale (Vol.1)"-Jane Oranika

It's no secret how much I love and admire Wale. Literally, all you have to do is search his name on this blog!

I wanted to share a song from one of my fellow Moonz, Jane Oranika! She creatively and seamlessly put together a great blend of Wale's songs throughout his career entitled "Evolution of Wale (Vol. 1)". On the track, Jane sings snippets of Wale's biggest hits and some of his lesser known music as well, including "Letter," "90210," "Chillin," "LoveHate Thing," "Girls On Drugs," "Sabatage," "Bad," and more! Too many to even try to name, but it's amazing how she brought them all together for this track! It's already circulating social media, and it even got love from Wale himself!

Check out the hot track below!

I LOVE this girl's voice and creativity! Beyond just being a great singer, she's a talented composer and songwriter with great passion for music and real messages to share. I recently heard her sing live, and it moved me to tears. I truly believe that she will go far, and I'm excited to see her journey!

You can check out more from Jane on SoundCloud. You can also connect with her on Twitter and Instagram!

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