NEW MUSIC: "Words"-Lola Godheld

London-based singer Lola Godheld has released her new song "Words," which is featured on her upcoming debut EP Shades of Me!

Via We Plug Good Music:
Produced by Sampl and written by Lola herself, along with Azara Nenna and Utter Once (Wretch 32, Chip, Mark Asari), "Words" is a dark-themed tale about miscommunication in love and broken promises, told over a compelling and minimalist sonic bed of sparse drum patterns, dramatic synths and piercing string arrangements, all held together beautifully by Lola Godheld’s stunning vocals and story telling dexterities.
According to Lola, the record is “about words and how powerful they are, especially when it's words from someone that matters. When used negatively, it can really break someone but when used positively it can give life. We should be careful of what we say because once words leave our mouths, we aren't aware of how far they can travel”.
Check out the track below!

You can check out more from Lola on her official website. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter

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