NEW PROJECT: Balladry-Jah' Bless

My fellow Moonz are so talented and inspirational, I promise you! Check out this new project from poet Jah' Bless entitled Balladry!

Combining his love of music with his great poetry, Jah' Bless came up with a great project in Balladry, choosing the name because the project is spoken word set to music, with each piece having something moving to say. "My inspiration behind this project was purely based on the need to escape a fear I had," he said. "I wanted to do this project to challenge myself in a way I haven't before." The poet already had material prepared, but the recording process was new to him. However, he was able to get all the instrumentals together and figure out recording over them himself.

Check out a few tracks below!

His favorite track (and one of mine too!) is "The Children," which uses singer Jaheim's song "Fabulous." Jah' Bless said, "It's a beautiful song and the poem just fits," he said. "My future career will be a counselor or mentor anyway. I plan on helping our youth, hopefully saving as many of them as I can."

Overall, the poet hopes that listeners take in the positive and impacting messages, and apply it towards their own lives. "I did it for the poets all around the world, as well [as] the individuals...that aspire for dreams that people mock and say can't be reality," Jah' said. "Be expecting to hear more from Jah' Bless because this is just the beginning."

You can hear the project in full on SoundCloud. You can also follow Jah' Bless on Twitter and Instagram. Proud of you Roddo!

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