RECAP: "Dust In The Wind"-The Game S9, E4

This final season of The Game is really going by fast! Picking up from last week, Tasha leads the eulogy at her father's funeral (at Phatty's?! Fitting, I guess). Malik attempts to read a passage from the Bible, but struggles get through it. Not because he's overcome with emotion, but because he actually gets the words all jumbled. Tasha goes up to try to support him, but Jason calls out the fact that Malik can't read in front of everyone! Tasha then asks Chardonnay comes up to sing a little song to try to continue the service.

Later, Tasha brings a picture of her father home as well as his ashes. She "wants him to be comfortable" until she can find a place to possibly spread his ashes. Chardonnay states that the service was nice, but she's glad it's over. She didn't want to be around Kelly and Jason, and Blue didn't want to run into Keira. Tasha calls them out on the facts that not only are they being selfish (this is Tasha's time of bereavement, you know!), but that they're both holding on to their exes!

Tasha snatches both of their phones, which are filled with pictures of Jason and Keira and memories with them. Blue still wears dog tags Keira got him. and Chardonnay still has Jason's last name. She even has one of her employees at Spadonnay stalk Kelly on Instagram and Blue reads Keira's emails every now and then! Tasha tells them the only way that they can heal is by letting go and having fun! Life goes on. Chardonnay is scared to get back out into the dating world, thinking that she had it all with Jason. Blue feels like he as a lot to lose by going out with other women who may try to trap him since he's a star football player, and admits that he and Keira had a good rhythm. Tasha harshly tells them how pathetic they both sound by clinging to people that aren't coming back. However, it hits Tasha at that moment that her father's gone, and he's not coming back. She cries, and Chardonnay and Blue both rush to comfort her.

Meanwhile, Jason goes over to see Malik, bringing a tutor to help him with his reading.He literally pulled this girl Hideko off the street! Malik gets pissed at Jason, and tells him to read something right now with no mistakes, passing him instructions to a Segway. Jason is able to read the instructions not only in English, but in German, and Mandarin, which pisses Malik off even more. They scuffle a little bit before Malik kicks him out!

Back at Tasha's, Chardonnay is deleting pictures of Jason and all things surrounding him. Blue tries to delete pictures of Keira's, but he's still holding on! When Tasha brings up all the bad memories they had (literally the majority of their relationship if we really think about it), Blue admits that maybe he did stay in the relationship too long. However, it's hard to just let go. It's a good thing that they didn't get married though, and now he has a better understanding of what he wants and doesn't want. Chardonnay then takes his phone and deletes all his pictures!

Later, Malik rides around his condo on his Segway grooving to Drake. There's a knock at the door, and it's Kelly. I could've sworn it would be Keira to comfort him, but it's like she just disappeared! Anyway, Kelly comes over to talk about Jason and his condescending ways. Coming from money, he doesn't understand what Malik's been through. Kelly was looked down on as well because she came from a trailer park. She worked out and focused on her beauty, and people began noticing her looks instead of where she came from. She became a slave to it though, and admits that it's been really tiring. Malik admits that he can actually read. However, he wasn't prepared at the funeral, and got nervous. He feels judged, and thinks he's a stereotype being from a rough neighborhood and raised by a single mom. The only way he could shut people up was when he started playing football. He got passed through each grade though, just so he could play. Kelly encourages him to maybe help other kids that are going through what he's been through. Maybe they can even work together! I think it's a great idea!

At the end of the episode, Tasha decides to let go of her father, as she encouraged Blue and Chardonnay to let go of their exes. After a toast between the trio, Tasha releases her father's ashes off her balcony. The wind takes the ashes away in the sky, and Tasha says goodbye, seeming to have a greater feeling of peace.

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