RECAP: "Spin Control"-The Game S9, E2

This last season of The Game is definitely going to be good! Picking up from last week's season premiere, Kelly and Jason have a small wedding ceremony, renewing their vows with a preacher and Brittany recording.  Kelly jokes about having cold feet, scaring Jason, but she confesses her love and recommits to their marriage. They are husband and wife again! However, right before they kiss, Jason gets a call from Baby Rog, owner of the Sabers. He asks when Jason's trying to come back and handle Malik and Blue's messy situation in the midst of the wedding and Jason's own recent confession of using steroids! The Sabers organization is a mess, and Jason needs to get on his job.

Tasha and her father comes over to see Malik, instantly annoying him. She tells him that this situation is really bad, especially because everything with the Sabers this season is riding on Blue. Malik admits that he kissed Keira, but that was all. Tasha lets him know upfront that he betrayed his teammate. When he calls her out for stringing along two men (Pookie and Rick), she storms out. Malik's grandfather lets him know that Malik didn't take responsibility for his actions, and if that's how he wants to be, fine. At the end of the day, Malik did betray Blue, and he can't get mad at Blue for being pissed about it (BUT I still want Malik and Keira together!).

At Spadonnay, Chardonnay gets a visit from Baby Rog. He wants to "get ahead of the story" surrounding Jason's steroid use, wanting to know from her if there's any other secrets out there. He doesn't want Jason's drama to affect the Sabers organization. He then reveals that Jason left practice to get married, which Chardonnay didn't know, but it clearly shakes her.

Later, Jason has a TV interview about Blue and Malik's "car accident." However, the TV station actually has a video of the fight! Jason finds it hard to explain everything. Because there is actual proof, there's a likelihood of disciplinary action against Blue! Viewers are questioning the inaccuracies of this story, and now question the accuracy of Jason's own story about the steroids. We also find out that now only has the League stripped him of his national championship title and a shot at the Hall of Fame, but all of his titles from his rookie year onward are being investigated! It's all crazy!

Meanwhile, Tasha talks to Keira about Blue, who sees now that all they ever did was argue. You don't have to fight to feel like you're in love. Malik opened Keira's eyes to that. Clearly, she has feelings for him, but Tasha tells her upfront that Malik doesn't have the relationship gene. After nine seasons, we know that! I really want them together, but I don't know if Malik will EVER settle down! At the same time, while on the road, Blue gets in a daze and ends up giving away Keira's ring to a homeless man.

At the Pitts house, Chardonnay busts in on Kelly and Brittany. Brittany quickly leaves before things get crazy. Chardonnay wants Kelly to admit that she always wanted Jason back, which Kelly does. Kelly reveals that seeing how Jason had changed moved her. Kelly believes that it's because she left him and that whipped him into shape. She put in YEARS with him, and believes that Jason will always be hers. Chardonnay angrily leaves, telling her that they both deserve each other. Back at her room, Chardonnay has a breakdown, and prays to God. She knows she's lost and feels empty after trying to seek revenge on Jason and Kelly. I understand her hurt, but I hated seeing her bitter like that. I hope she finds peace with this (look at me getting locked into these characters!).

In a meeting with the coaches and Baby Rog, Malik takes the blame for the fight to keep Blue playing, and gets a two-game suspension. He doesn't play anyway, so it's no big deal, honestly. Afterwards, Baby Rog turns his attention to Jason's messiness. Not only does the organization have to deal with his steroid use, but now there's also a sex tape with him and Kelly on the field recorded by the janitor! Jason stresses that he takes his interim head coaching position seriously, but Baby Rog tells him that if they don't make it to the playoffs, he's done for good.

At the end of the episode, Blue comes to see Malik, telling him not to feel so high and mighty for taking the blame, seeing as though it was his fault in the first place. Blue also calls him trash. Malik then says that if Keira was really his, Malike wouldn't have been able to steal her in the first place. He also says that he "smoked her out," implying that they had sex. Keira overhears everything, and angrily walks away. It sucks because now, in her head, she's thinking this guy really isn't capable of change just like Tasha said. I think he can, but he just needs the right woman. However, I don't know if it's going to be Keira now!

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