RECAP: "The Dead Episode"-The Game S9, E3

How are y'all liking this last season of The Game so far? I'm loving it personally! Picking up from last week, Tasha goes to the spa, and leaves her father to babysit the baby until Tee Tee gets there. Meanwhile, Tee Tee goes back to work at Phatty's to get the female servers in line. Malik is trying repeatedly to call Keira and make things right, but Tee Tee tells him that his and Keira's friendship is done. Malik truly believes Keira is the only one who he can keep it real with all the time, and is clearly smitten. However, Tee Tee tells him that he needs to let her go, apologize to Blue, and let them get back to their lives.

At the Pitts house, Brittany announces that she got into college and got a scholarship! Turns out the college she was accepted to is Florida A&M University, which is Chardonnay's alma mater. Chardonnay pushed Brittany to do well and fill out her college applications, and Brittany still has a good relationship with Chardonnay. Now Kelly is pissed about it. Jason himself is done with it all, trying to focus more on his interim head coach position.

Back at Tasha's, Tee Tee is already there, and Tasha's father is seemingly asleep. However, when Tasha tries to wake him up, he doesn't move!

Later, Malik connects with Jason to talk to Blue. Jason tries to serve as mediator, while the two try to sort through their issues. Malik apologizes, and asks if Blue and Keira have made up. However, Blue sees right through everything, seeing that Malik just wanted to see if they had made up or if he still had a shot at Keira himself. Blue just smiles and calmly walks walks, telling Malik that everything's cool BUT "how you get 'em is how you lose 'em." Oop.

Meanwhile at Tasha's, paramedics confirm that Tasha's father died of natural causes. When that happens, the funeral home has to come get him instead of the paramedics taking him away, so the corpse has to stay right on the couch! Both Kelly and Chardonnay comes over to try to comfort Tasha. Tasha tries to play cool, but she's clearly shaken up, and walks out to check on Ky, leaving Kelly and Chardonnay together. Chardonnay is a lot calmer after her prayer to God, and tries to be nice with Kelly. Kelly doesn't trust her motives, still mad that Chardonnay brought out the steroids scandal and ruined any chance that Jason had at the Hall of Fame.

When Tasha realizes that her daughter won't have memories of her grandfather, and Tasha has no pictures of him herself, Chardonnay makes a choice to take a picture of the corpse. They even try to dress him up, but it just doesn't work. It's entirely too morbid. As Kelly and Chardonnay argue about it, Tasha gets upset, calling them both selfish. Her father is gone, and these two are so focused on their issues with each other, that they don't realize how badly Tasha needs them. Tasha, understandly, storms out.

Afterwards, Kelly thanks Chardonnay for helping Brittany into college, though she only said it out of obligation. Chardonnay truly was happy for Brittany, regardless, believing she deserved a chance for an education. Chardonnay herself has a clear head now, regardless of how much she's gone through with Kelly and Jason. She went through it, but she's still standing. For that, she thanks Kelly. Kelly admits that she's been a monster, and that Chardonnay didn't deserve to be hurt the way she was. Kelly genuinely apologizes, but Chardonnay tells her respectfully that Kelly's going to have to live with what she did.

Meanwhile, Tasha goes to Malik's and breaks the news to him. Tasha's mind now is on Ky and how she wishes she hadn't messed things up with Pookie. Malik tells her to just make sure that everything is good with the two of them to have a good father-daughter relationship from there on out. Tasha admits to him that she hopes that his own bag of regrets isn't as heavy as hers. As Tasha walks out, Tee Tee comes in with frozen yogurt, and comforts Malik. Malik then calls Keira, obviously taking his mother's words to heart about regrets, and admits that he wants to be with Keira! He tells Tee Tee, "Sometimes you gotta throw it out there and see if it comes back." I really, REALLY hope they end up together, and that Malik doesn't screw it up! We'll see what happens!

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